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Started by anneoffor, September 05, 2008, 00:14:59

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How do I remove comment I have made. I have had it agreed by the timeshare people that they donate money to a charity instead of giving us money back, so alls well that ends well. So please advise how I remove my comments, as your site wont let me do that.
Anne Offor

Boss Man


You can't. Let me know which one and I will remove it for you.


If the comment that is to be removed is relevant to the content of a thread I hope something will be done to ensure that the thread remains meaningful.  If anneoffor has had some form of success in resolving an issue with a timeshare company that same information could well be useful to others.


Having just read the post in question, I certainly feel it could be valuable to others.  I get the distinct impression that the only reason the company has done anything at all is to get bad publicity removed from view.  
If they had refunded the purchaser I would still feel the original post should stay, and an additional post made to state what had happened.

Boss Man

Well she has not come back, so it stays

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