Actual cost of all-inclusive at moon palace?

Started by Prem Shah, August 24, 2008, 21:34:02

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Prem Shah

I can't quite figure out how much it will cost...

we want to travel to the Moon Palace over xmas /new year 2009/10, and there's two adults and and 7 yr old and a 4yr old.

can anyone help?

is it really $3115 per adult per week?

that would mean about $6300 for two weeks as a supplement (on top of my Club La Costa exchange)


Not sure I'd bother. Allowing for two adults and two children (sharing a bedroom which is supposed to sleep only two people - these are hotel rooms, not your typical timeshare apartment)I calculate you're looking at nearly $9,000 for a two-week stay (1st adult $3115/week, 2nd adult $632/week and two kids at $316/week/each).

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