Questions from newbie from Russia

Started by alzaus08, January 09, 2009, 21:32:50

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Firstly sorry for my english...iam from Russia so english not my native lang...

I glad that i found such forum of timeshare users...cuz in Russians web i had found nothing.

My story...1 month ago i bought timeshare....its true i bought it fast....good traders know how to sell :). And now i trying to get any info about deal i have done.

But as i understand i made not bad choice.

My week is Rci points week. I payed 8500 euro.
Resort --- Holiday Club resort. Thats Finland. The week number 25, white week. But this white week give me each year 70500 points.
The MF are also not so bad --158 euro in year.
When i was making decision to  buy or not....the reason to do it was the possibility to change my points of one week to several weeks on other resorts in the world. And as i understood i can change on 2 weeks even in red seasons and even Gold crown resorts.
And if i will choose not so rated resorts and not red seasons(for example Asia good not only at winter....but at winter it has max cost) i can change on three or even FOUR weeks.

And of course other reason is Instant exchange for 9000pt or less
Thats amazing....i can get about 7 weeks.

Thats all what i guess about my timeshare...
Have i made good deal...i mean 8500 euro for such timeshare?
Was i right?
Is it true?
Or maybe i "flying in the clouds" and dont know some things...and some true about timeshare..

Hope that can get help from you friends.



Certainly your management fees seem very reasonable.

Finland sounds a very interesting place to vacation - do you have any internet links to the resort?

As a point of interest - the boss man has just added translation to the home page - give this a try:
"You know; the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering."


With 70,500 points I don't think you will be able to get two weeks in red season or in Gold Crown resorts (unless it is in low season).  You might get two or three weeks out of season for that number of points.  It depends what size accommodation you need.

Personally, I think 8500 euros is a lot for a white week.  But if you buy at a presentation, you pay high prices - fact of life.

Sue B
Sue B


Thanx guys for replies.

Doggy: Thanx for tip of translating. And about my resort it is --Holiday Club Yll#228;s 2 (#2425)

Suebe: Yes i bought it on presentation....:( ...i guessed too that i payed too much (i checked about prices on timeshares..and was very upset) And about colour of week.... Does the color of week matter anything if you are n points system?
I checked the RCI catalog of weeks resorts(in this catalog shows the prices in points for 1 week of non points resorts)
And if you are looking for 1 bedroom and gold crown resort in RED week the prices begin from 32000 till 60000. And if it is silver crown in RED week..prices from 24000... But most prices changes greatly if we choose standart resorts and white or blue weeks.
I hope i understanding right.



Hi Alex,
Heads up from Russia. Where are you based, St. Pete? Which resort did you buy into?
I am from St. Pete, let me know if you want to have a chat in Russian =)

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