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Started by lawnmower60, February 18, 2009, 19:49:36

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As we are getting a lot of duplicated posts by new members who do not know there way around the site could the search facility be explained in the terms and conditions when they register. Can you put something  in like if you have a complaint or query about a company look in search to see if any one else has posted on them before I am sure a better explanation will cut them down and stop Old Bill blowing his top I know you have put in the pop up but I think it needs expanding on


Sometimes it can be difficult for new members who are unaware that you can search - they tend to have a burning question which they desperately want an answer to.

I am trying to lock any that I find, and any that oldbill kindly points out (with a link to those which already exist).

Trouble is that it actually can help the site when new threads are created as it can bump us up in search engine results.

Of course it is up to the Boss Man, but with a combination of pointing people to the existing threads and the popup asking them to search first - I think we have the right mix without discouraging people from posting.

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