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Started by vickyh, July 06, 2009, 12:43:40

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Please contact me if you have experienced issues with Heritage this year regarding your fees.  Were you like me and recieved two invoices, apparently due to interest rates?  Are you unhappy that the rates continue to increase substatially each year?  Do you feel that we as owners should have more of a voice?  If you have answered yes to any of the above please get in contact.  We cant change things unless we all combine our voices.


Yes certainly.
We have found that the maintenance costs seem to be rising at an alarming rate over the last two years, although the resort is kept in pristine condition, this is not down only to the poor Euro / GBP exchange rate. We have been going to the resort for five years now and have carried out several upgrades to our membership, however not in the last two years when the largest increases have ocurred. This does trouble us as we love the place but really wonder how many more years that we will be able to afford.
L A Watts


We found the increased fees too high, so we swopped the timeshare for points. NTSHE


im a bit new to this game i bought last year with heritage
what do you ean you swapped for points ,what does this mean you can do
as yet ive not paid any fees as they gave me a year free but come jan 11 im guessing its going to be a lot more than what they said


We've been Heritage owners since 2002 and we are weary of changing to points.  We haven't been given any real reasons to change to points. Last year Heritage advised us to not to change to points because no agreement had been made as what their weeks would convert to as points.  We are not saying points are a bad thing, all we say is just be careful and don't loose out.


Be warned Diamond resorts may one day rule your world and you'll be sorry............... Dont change to points

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