The Timeshare Advice Service [TAS] Mr. Mathew Harper and the bad bad Smiths

Started by devil in disguise, July 06, 2018, 15:51:04

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devil in disguise

The Timeshare Advice Service [TAS] is not a company, despite the website implying it is.

The website states: - " At the Timeshare Advice Service we make it our business to ensure you are provided with the best options for your individual needs and circumstances.'[/i]

"Our team has years of experience and can offer guidance and help for every aspect of holiday ownership issues. Our staff and business are entirely registered and regulated by UK authorities"

TAS not a business, nor a service, it has no staff and is not regulated, it's a website accordingly they spout utter nonsense like Pretorian Legal . The fact is they are baiting consumers with bad, bad advice so that they can pass the hooked clients to others, i.e a marketeer.

Timeshare Advice Service is operated, supported and serviced (whatever that means) in conjunction with the 'Timeshare Consultancy'.

Timeshare Consultancy is not a company either, but is a website, again to bate consumers hook them and financial spank them. When enquiring about timeshare consultancy, I noticed that they share an office with 'Collins Harper Associates Ltd'.

Thus, it's reasonable to assume that this a small group of websites all feeding into Collins Harper which is controlled by Mr Mathew Harper.

Collins Harper Associates is a Company Limited, active and was incorporated on the 1 September 2016.

Mr Mathew Harper is declared as the main shareholder and only Director 3 website 3  hats and 3 scams.

When the business commenced an injection of capital was required, which assists the company to buy its needy inventory, stock, training programmes etc and before it can trade.

To satisfy this need and to ensure the Company could pay its bills, Mr Harper invested the sum of £1.00 of his own money.

How much have you consumers invested?

In some ways, this is a trigger for anyone dealing with the business, as it shows in monitory terms how much the controlling mind is prepared to invest in his own dreams. In this case, Mr Harper believes that £1.00 is the extent of his own risk.

The fact is, the work the company claims it does can only be conducted by a regulated law firm as the "field of law" is a reserved business.
As they are not solicitors, they simply cannot do this work, accordingly; the Company is acting in contravention of Law.

Despite this fact, I scoured the website for a reference that Mr. Harper was qualified in Dispute Resolution, Estate Planning, Timeshare relinquishment, Estate protection, Future Planning and Ring-Fencing Legacies, Probate disputes and Inheritance Tax Planning and Timeshare Claims, however, alas there were none.

I found evidence (on the internet) that Mr Harper was one of the key players at Eze Group, assisted in Mr & Mrs Gary Smith Companies (Praetorian Legal Ltd, Mercantile Claims Management Solutions Ltd and Fox James Associates Ltd).

So, his trickery is habitual.

After alighting the Eze Group and the Smiths  'shop of horror' his efforts became focused on 'how to sell Law and 'legal nightmares'.
The company, nor their ghostly employees are members of any legal institution, they are not solicitors, Paralegals or members of the Ministry of Justice, accordingly cannot help you, other than passing you are on to another who may (if you're lucky) undertake some of the work but the quality will be shoddy.

What is also interesting is that under the title "How We Started" It states, "The company's leadership team have worked together for more than a decade and have a broad set of skills and extensive legal knowledge between them".

Prisoners and can't do'ers say that

Firstly, they are not a team, its one person and despite being associated with himself he was a key player in the selling of the criminalised product Eze credits.

Quite clearly, it's a marketing company and they feed you into the Pretorian or another conceptual scam.

So, when handing you hard earned cash over in exchange for legal dreams, remember you are in the nest of the morally repugnant.

Buy - Buy Money

Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.

devil in disguise

Sick of being taken for a ride by, the timeshare industries salesman. All I ever got from timeshare ownership was, in Debt, in dispute, in perpetuity, in trouble and insulted and in disgust.

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