More Hapimag resort affiliations

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More Hapimag resort affiliations
« on: September 13, 2009, 13:57:36 »
I received an email from Diamond Resorts International on Friday (11 September) informing me of a further TWO new resort affiliations.  I am sure others have received the same notice but, for those who aren't included in their email notifications, I offer the following short notice.

Once again these are Hapimag resorts but this time they are in Budapest (Hungary) and Prague (Czech Republic).


I know Budapest fairly well - although I do not actually recall the Hapimag resort - and its central location in the centre of the old castle district makes it very handy for exploring the beauty of both Buda and, on the other side of the River Danube, the city of Pest.

The resort offers 1 bedroom accommodations with maximum occupancy of 4 and private of 2.  It is a year-round resort, although the entire 52-week period falls within two seasons.  The High Season covers weeks 2-12 and 45-48 and costs 6,000 points per week.  The Peak Season covers all other weeks (ie 1, 13-44 and 49-52) and costs 7,000 points.  Check-in day is Friday for weekly stays.  They also offer mid-week stays (Mon-Fri) and weekend stays (Fri-Mon) at 50% points.  Availability starts in April 2010.  Bookings can be made up to 10 months in advance, so if you intend being amongst the early DRI users, book now!


This resort is situated between the old and new towns of Prague right upon Wenceslas Square. It is just steps from the historic St Wenceslas Chapel. In similar vein to Budapest above, the resort is open 52-weeks of the year and the seasons are identical.  It offers both Studio (for 2) and 1 Bedroom (for 2 private, 4 maximum) accommodations.  The studios are 6,000 points (High Season) and 6,500 points (Peak Season) and the 1-Bedroom are 7,000 points (High Season) and 7,500 points (Peak Season).

Check-in day for weekly stays is Friday.  And, like Budapest (above) they offer both mid-week and weekend stays at 50% points. Availability starts in April 2010 and can be booked up to 10 months in advance.  DRI have added the point that "due to this being a small city centre resort, there is limited availability".

Personally, I feel that Diamond Resorts International should be congratulated for adding these resorts to our "increasing holiday prospects".  I would say "inventory" but I can think of at least one person who would want to start a debate on the use of that word.


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More Hapimag resort affiliations
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2009, 19:24:44 »
Despite the "limited availability", I was lucky enough to get Monday to Friday in a 1 bedroom apartment in Prague for the 2010 May school half-term, which is great as the other half is a headteacher.

We have converted some Tesco vouchers to Airmiles and then booked a Czech Airlines flight. It cost less than £150 for the two of us, or in my book, it was effectivly "free", as we already had the vouchers!

Now all I need to do is get "free" airport parking and airport transfers!

On a slight down note, these resorts are only offered at High and Peak season rates, but on a more positive note, you can get split weeks.



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More Hapimag resort affiliations
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2009, 12:03:33 »
I've managed to book a 4-night stay too.  Again during May and in a 1-bed.  Great news but I have the feeling that "once it's gone it's gone".  The initial availability for Crete has now all gone and no more seem to be getting added (or maybe I'm just unlucky...)

Anyway, it's good to be going to Prague - and I can get Easyjet flights from Bristol for about £50 each.


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More Hapimag resort affiliations
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2009, 18:40:38 »
I understand some of the Hapimag resorts have huge daily / weekly add on charges to guests (Marakkesh for example).