“Gladiators Ready” – The FORUM Commences In London, 9-10 December

Started by Boss Man, December 11, 2009, 07:18:40

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Boss Man

December will see the highly anticipated FORUM Conference take place in London hosted by Generator Systems and Perspective Magazine.

Taking on the responsibility to ensure that the vacation ownership industry in Europe had an opportunity to meet, network and discuss the ups and downs of the past year, the two well know suppliers to the industry globally have taken a far from typical approach which has sparked intrigue amongst industry professionals.
Announced as a not for profit event with any excess proceeds going to charity, the FORUM Conference team set about to arrange almost no promotion of the event for all but the last six weeks prior to the event itself, furthermore, delegate registration was not opened until just five weeks before which in itself created an amount of hype and interest.

Now with less than a month to go, the conference schedule and its array of speakers and panellists have been announced and industry professionals have spent the last couple of weeks rushing to confirm one or more of just 200 tickets.
Unlike most conferences, The FORUM has no keynote speakers delivering in-depth presentations on their specialist subjects. Instead, with the exception of some brief 15 minute inspirational stories, all other sessions based around panels of experts with the emphasis of getting straight down to business and involving the 200 strong audience to freely enter into a debate about each topic at hand.

This format aims to cover more topics in the time allotted and as well as the chosen topics it will give the chance for the attendees to raise and discuss topics specifically important to them adding value to both the conference and their experience at the event - in fact there's even one session planned for near the end of the second day called "Gloves Off" where there are no panellists and no set topics, just another change for delegates to revisit the main topics of the past couple of days and ask further questions of previous panellists or cover newer topics that may have arisen as a spin off to other sessions.

With unofficial references to likening this conference to the Coliseums of Rome and a Gladiatorial affair, The FORUM has attracted more than 25 industry experts who will give up their time to contribute to the event, sharing experiences, successes, failures and ideas with all who attend. Spanning all aspects of the shared ownership industry this innovative event will draw from veterans and exciting newcomers alike from around the world with Europe, USA, Asia, South Africa, Mexico and Canada all represented during panel sessions.

The difficulties of the past year will be addressed initially, but then the conference will look forward to new opportunities and the best ways to prepare for 2010 covering legal and financial hurdles, the need to adapt and the desire for change, new sales and marketing techniques and most importantly try to answer and suggest solutions to questions from the interactive audience of industry professionals which would undoubtedly touch upon consumer confidence, credibility, resales, is fractional ownership the new timeshare, unlawful practises of discount membership clubs (not timeshare) and much more.

Has the credit crunch made the industry realise its vulnerability? Has it inspired entrepreneurial individuals to help reinvent the wheel and take notice of consumer needs and desires when adapting their product ranges? Will we see a new reinvigorated, more accepted industry in 2010? Or will new legislation cripple us all?

Boss Man

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