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Started by Boss Man, September 27, 2005, 21:34:45

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Boss Man

We have added a new page to the forum called "My Page". The link is on the top menu.

This new page will allow you to -

- Edit your profile
- Display your profile
- View your topics (you can set how many are displayed)
- Browse the members list
- Search the site

- Display topics you have recently posted in
- Change the colour theme of the forum

Hopefully, this will make your experience on Timesharetalk a little more personal.

If you have any comments / bug reports / suggestions, please let me know.

Boss Man


You are working so hard on all the changes to the site.  It's getting better by the day.  Thanks[:)]

Boss Man

Thanks go to yourself and everyone else who has made it what it is today.


I have just been to the new "My Personal Page" and think it is a great idea.  However when I clicked on the last topic that I had started, as shown on this page, I got an "Oops - Page does not exist message.
Ian Chisholm

Boss Man

OK, had a look, will sort out when I get back tonight. Think I may also turn this off for normal members and make it a donating member only facility. Will post here when done.

Boss Man

Train is late so all done now. Please let me know if you find any other errors.



Not only cool but a real boon.

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