Current numbers required for RCI award status for resorts

Started by Carolinian, March 10, 2011, 10:23:57

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Here is a chart for the numbers from the RCI comment cards that are currently required in the North American market for a resort to be given award status - Gold Crown Silver Crown, and Hospitality:

These are average numbers over an annual period from the comment cards sent back to RCI by exchangers. For Hospitality and Silver Crown, it is pure numbers. If they meet the treshhold in all of the five required categories they are awarded the status. RCI does not visit the resort for any inspection for that purpose. They just look at comment card averages. For Gold Crown, there is an additional set of mix and match requirements which are not that hard to meet if you have the required comment card numbers, and for GC RCI does visit to make sure the mix and match requirements claimed are actually there.

Those who put great stock in award status should look closely at what the five categories are that determine award status; resort hospitality, check in and check out, resort maintenance, unit maintenance, and housekeeping.

These comment card categories are NOT considered: unit quality, unit amenities, resort amenities. Some are under the illusion that those are the very things award status is about, but in fact they are not even considered.

I wonder if any members have access to the required numbers in other markets such as Europe or Australia?

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