Major change coming to RCI Weeks

Started by Carolinian, March 28, 2010, 19:27:20

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There is another interesting issue here, too.  In the old system, RCI would ringfence a fair number of deposits in Europe that were only avabilible to European members.  When I transfered my membership from the states, I suddenly found that, indeed, there was stuff availible that had not been when I was a North American member, particularly in Italy, the UK, and France.

One wonders that now that they say they are showing everyone everything, if they are still ringfencing any European inventory for European members?  If they are not, and with the new values in North America compared to Europe, Europeans may find it harder to trade into their own backyard going forward, if they use RCI.




As to Orlando, one of the most overbuilt places in timesharing, there was an RCI employee, Bootleg, who posted for years on an American site, TUG, and a shorter period here who used to provide a lot of valuable inside info.  One of the things he mentioned was that the resort with the biggest oversupply of inventory in the entire RCI system was a particular Orlando resort, Vacation Village at Parkway.  The highest value I can find RCI's new system giving there is 58 for a 2BR in a couple of December weeks.  That is higher than the top weeks, 3BR, at very hard to trade into Allen House.

Something else that a poster at another timeshare site uncovered was that for week 52 this year, RCI would give a deposit credit of 50 for a 1BR, but for the 1BR week 52's they already had on deposit, if you wanted to trade into one, RCI would give it to you for 11!  Yet that 50 points lite that RCI would give to someone who deposited that VV at Parkway week, they could trade into a 2BR at Allen House or indeed virtually any UK resort any time of year.

Something is rotten in the state of RCI!

Originally posted by Simoncc

Williamsburg may well be overbuilt but do 3 beds at Presidential Villas have more demand from RCI members (the majority of whom are US based) than London?

I don't know the answer to this but the equivalent from a Europe perspective could be comparing Marriott's Costa del Sol resorts (which I know aren't in RCI!) to the Manhatten Club in New York. I'm sure that the Marriott resorts would get a much greater number of requests from European members than MC even though the Costa del Sol is overrun with resorts.

As a result, I would expect specific high demand resorts to warrant a much higher rating than the regional average.

How does a run of the mill Orlando resort compare to the Canaries/Costa del Sol  equivalent in the new system?



One positive thing to report is that RCI apparently kept the policy to ringfence a portion of its European inventory for European members only.  A lot of other policies have changed under the new regime, but this one seems to have stayed in place.  On another site, European members are reporting seeing inventory that North American members cannot see, just as the system used to work.  Given some of the padded values some places in the states and the underpointed resorts in the UK, the ringfencing at least gives some degree of protection to European members.  Still, there is more bad than good in what is now being dubbed ''Points Lite''.

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