It's very quiet on here!

Started by neil1702, July 12, 2010, 08:44:44

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Just wondering where everyone's gone?
No messages on here since March.
Well, I'm off the Bude in a few weeks time. Can't wait. Was there 5 years ago. I don't imagine that much has changed in that time, but has anyone been there recently? I know Brocklands has closed, which we all loved last time, but we've already got our clubcard vouchers to go back to The Big Sheep.
Any other Seasons news out there?

Boss Man


Maybe all seasons owners are very happy and have nothing to discuss.


I'm happy, hope you're happy too.

Now where have I heard that before?


Have just been on the seasons website and the resort in Portugal (Mar de Luz) has disappeared. I was aware that Seasons were renting some rooms but anyone know what has happened?




Has gone quiet about Seasons again. What are peoples current experiences?

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