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Started by ipswichboy, September 22, 2010, 22:36:08

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Hi, I thought that it would be interesting and informative for those who have suffered at the hands of Heritage's sales reps to post up promises that were made at the initial presentation which have subsequently turned out to be lies and falsehoods. To start the ball rolling:
i) we were told on more than one occasion that if we upgraded from the trial membership to a full membership we would then be able to sell back our timeshare to Heritage and receive in full the monies paid.
ii) we were also told that, via RCI, we would be able to purchase addtional weeks at resorts around the world for a price of 80 - 350 per week guaranteed.
Heritage would not confirm either of the above in writing after we paid a deposit and therefore we believe these to be lies.


They say...if we ASSUME..it makes an ASS out of U..and ME..While i was not involved in your meeting, nor own at Heritage, most trail pacts that i have looked at over the years
involve this promise..ie..if you up-grade from trial to Full Membership, they will discount
Full Membership, by the cost of the Trial, whether or not they hand you the physical
pound notes..ie trial=3,000..Full membership 13,000..You simply pay 10,000.to up-grade.
In terms of RCI..again i belong to a different Exchange Network..But presently, i could guarantee you Bonus weeks from 99..to..199.FACT.
Again i have not looked at RCI. Prices recently..BUT  no doubt they have studio's from
the Quoted figure of 85..occassionly, even if only once in a Blue Moon..
The Upper Limit is easily achieved..So no untruths there my friend.
IF  you are looking to jump ship..thats fine!! it may well be justified, especially
when you can buy Full Timeshare membership from 1.Sterling.
The Question for yourselves is.....DO  we stick  with the Devil we Know..or Bail-Out!

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