Learning Spanish on a Cultural Tour of Lima

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Learning Spanish on a Cultural Tour of Lima
« on: November 22, 2010, 09:00:23 »
Learning Spanish on a Cultural Tour of Lima

Traveling solo is the best way to improve your language skills because it forces you to interact with local people, and prevents you from chatting in English all day with travel buddies. However, if you’re traveling with a friend or a group you must make a pact before you leave to speak Spanish as much as possible. You will feel silly at first, but you'll be smarter because of it.

Once you’re in Lima, a great way to start your visit of the city is by going on guided tours in Spanish. Tours of local museums and churches offer an affordable learning experience and allow you to orient yourself in the city.

Your guide is a captive audience to whom you can ask questions; if you are nervous you can even prepare a list of them in advance. The following guided tours and cultural activities are recommended: