Jamaica Bay: “The Jewel of New York Harbor”

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Jamaica Bay: “The Jewel of New York Harbor”
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Jamaica Bay: “The Jewel of New York Harbor”

My first time traveling to the Big Apple and I’m going on a tour of its National Parks? Really? Really. What most New Yorkers don’t realize is that they live in an estuary that is also home to wildlife. In reality it’s a blend of humanity and nature, city and water, that makes New York City what it is today, America’s metropolis.

An astounding total of 23 National Parks call New York Harbor home and to get better acquainted with these destinations, The New York Harbor Conservancy offers a boat tour entitled "Naturally New York."

The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy is the primary private partner of the National Parks of New York Harbor. Their job is to ensure the preservation of the environment and encourage economic development with the goal to have the “finest urban waterfront recreation and educational national park system in the world.”