Women with Wanderlust Pen Exciting, Daring, Smart Travel Tales

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Women with Wanderlust Pen Exciting, Daring, Smart Travel Tales

I read a discussion thread posted on an Internet forum for travel writers. The original comment was a complaint about the lack of prominent women in the travel writing field. Why weren’t there more big shot, women travel writers?

Lots of people responded to the post. Some agreed with it. Others objected. I didn’t post any words as I wasn’t sure where my thoughts fell on the continuum.

I sympathized with the original complaint: In the world of travel writing, the names with the most pull and recognition tend to belong to men.

Yet I disagreed with the post as well. My bedside list of books to read was filled with travel titles penned by women. Obviously, women were publishing travel tales. Were their books just not getting equal air time?

Instead of adding to an online discussion string that would soon get buried and archived, I decided to do something more proactive. I decided to move all those women-written travel books on my list of things to do up to the very top and review each one.