Failure to pay maintenance fees at Matchroom

Started by John284, March 13, 2011, 09:56:48

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Has anyone had any experience of this and what Matchrooms recovery threats are.

I'm presuming they threat legal recovery and try scare tactics.

The reason I ask is - when on holiday at Matchroom it's a hot topic with other owners.

However - the hottest topic is usually the owners meeting \ sales rep  meeting



In terms of the Sales meetings! Do you really need to go?? Avoid..its not as though you learn anything New!! and besides you will meet fellow members during your stay, and you can voice your opinion..

In terms of what Matchroom threats are:- I  cannot say!!


Yes - I agree - you are right about not going to the rep meetings - however - curiosity gets the better of me.

After the meeting - I ask myself (every year) why did I bother going.

I think in our normal everyday lives we tend to trust other, and when going on holiday you are on a high - you get a reality check when going to a rep meeting as in thye would sell their soul to the devil.


I know of an elderly owner who was a Matchroom member, and got very annoyed with Heritage when they wouldn't re-shedule their week after a family bereavement and didn't pay his fees the following year in the belief he'd paid and could carry over his fees. He was astounded when the next years invoice came through with a 20% penalty added. He didn't pay intending to pursue the issue...until his cancer got the better of him. He then missed a second years fee.

On his behalf, last year I talked to Heritage to try and negotiate a re-activation of his week. They would not budge one inch. In fact they said they had cancelled his membership but for around £4000 they'd re-activate his 'one-bed, white week'.

Needless to say, it was a non-starter. And sadly this owner lost his battle with cancer and passed away in December 2011.

Heritage Resorts a good and honest company?

Make your own judgement...but my father didn't think so.

So will they pursue you for unpaid fees.

NO. After two years they take the view that you're done with all that. Cancel your membership, and find some other mug to sell it to.

They will not risk getting dragged into proceedings.... 1. It will cost them money and 2. They would not want the negative publicity.     

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