Alternatives to RCI for European timesharers

Started by Carolinian, April 25, 2011, 11:04:16

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Quote from: yorksnoah on April 02, 2013, 22:03:49
Dial an Exchange and UKRE are my No'1 exchange companies. I was with RCI for years and never realised timeshare could be so easy. Both DAE and UKRE are free to join leaving you with more money for bonus weeks and exchanges.

I notice that many member-controlled resorts in the UK are actively promoting DAE, although not so much UKRE.  To keep their members who exchange interested and involved at a time when the RCI experience is rapidly degrading, all resorts should make a point to actively inform their members of the alternatives availible to them.


We have been using RCI and DAE too for many years.  Like everyone else we feel RCI are a pain with all the changes and attempts to get you to buy this and that every time you phone.  However we do find we get the exchanges we want with RCI to the US, mainly New York and Florida, that we have been unable to get with DAE.  DAE we find is good for UK exchanges and the usual suspects in Spain.  They can also be a bit last  minute in finding what you want though.   If you want decent flight prices that's not good. 

So long as we want to travel long-haul we'll likely stick with RCI.  When we don't we'll leave them.

Sorry to resurrect a topic.


Hi Jackiee

Valid threads need to be raised again and again to get the message across and new posters may have missed this as they dont use the search facility in this forum.

There are some unhappy timeshare owners about due to availability issues. Knowing how to use your existing Exchange Company is vital before we criticise it.

1) A simple rule is that if you can't be that flexible, then you need to plan ahead and request as soon as your Exchange Company allows

So ensure that you check out your Club Rules.  Planning ahead is important for those main, special holidays or those that are in prime time.  If you can only book 10 months ahead with your Exchange Company then make sure you request 10 months ahead and not 9.5 months. Most timeshare owners have told me when I asked the question. Do you understand the benefit of booking ahead? Will generally respond with yes I do. Then it's discovered that they did not actually request at their earliest opportunity. We have to understand the rules and work the system!

2) Try to create as wide a window period as you can when requesting your holiday. If for example while booking ahead you require summer school holiday time in August. Ask for any week during August or as wide a window as you can. This may also allow you to access a more favorable resort of your choice.

3) If what you have requested is not available then ask to leave a search open and ask "how will you contact me if the resort of my choice becomes available". 

Remember that resort weeks are deposited throughout the year by fellow timeshare owners and sometimes the resorts themselves.

4) Requesting a research is vital with Exchange Companies.
What you see online is after the Exchange Company has forfilled a members request. So effectively you are viewing online what no one else has requested! You will not see holiday weeks that are passing through the Exchange Companies system thats supporting a members search. So a simple rule is put in a request as early as exchange rules allow or you are able!

After you have placed your search regardless phone back on a regular basis I have found that sometimes while on the phone with some Exchange Companies a resort just becomes available. Perhaps a coincidence?

5) Maybe you have limited yourself to just one Exchange Company?
Learn how to work the Exchange Companies bonus weeks. Family and friends can benefit from this as your guests! Who would refuse holiday accomodation that could be for the price of one night in a good hotel!

6) Familiarise yourself with Dial An Exchange, UKRE and SFX. I and other posters have written about these Exchange Companies on past threads. Just do a simple search within Timesharetalk. When I have time I will identify them

Treat your holiday like a mini project it will make a huge difference and is a simple process
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Hello Charlie1 who is SFX? I have heard of the others.


Quote from: Luciouslin on December 19, 2013, 15:48:29
Hello Charlie1 who is SFX? I have heard of the others.

Hi Luciouslin below is a copy and a paste from a thread I wrote back in June

San Francisco Exchange Company (SFX) is a great alternative Independent exchange company.

As you are aware you can join as many Independent Exchange Companies as you wish.

It is a little tricky if you're a point's member, but your see that on both the threads UK Resorts exchange
They work with Points members.

In particular Dial an Exchange are happy to take points members, as mentioned they can access their bonus weeks and specially discounted properties and villas.

If you cannot access their weeks as you cannot deposit your timeshare example if your in a points system at least you can access their bonus weeks and they are good value.

Timeshare works and it pays you to use the Independent Exchange companies as another option or just to access their bonus weeks.

San Francisco Preferred Resorts (SFX). Established in 1992, SFX Preferred Resorts is the only Exchange Company specialising in the industrys highest rated resorts. It is a holiday exchange service within a network of alliances specialising in preferred quality and rated resorts in high demand locations within Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, United States, Western Europe and other global regions upon request.

The SFX timeshare exchange program has two membership options, one free and one paid. As a paid Platinum member, you get a substantial discount on the exchange fees and get free guest certificates. You can also search for an exchange before depositing your week and get an 18-month request window.

Free members must deposit their holiday week first and have a 12-month request window. For both types of memberships, once you deposit your week, you have up to two years to complete your exchange.

To learn more about the San Francisco Exchange Company, check out its website, [nofollow] and review its FAQ. There is also a link on the website that provides you with an overview of what is a qualifying week that would enable you to join them.

The country you reside in does not limit you to membership. You can't window shop so why not join their free membership to have a look around as you can always upgrade. You might be very pleasantly surprised.

Timeshare Weekly is an Independent website working with those who share similar ideals. We are here to guide the consumer make the very best of timeshare. We encourage positive change and solutions. Your either living in the problem or your living in the solution. Contact

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