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Started by JoaoAmorim, April 25, 2011, 16:30:52

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Hi there everyone.

I am thinking about selling my Timeshare week, and I needed some advice.

So far, the only place I was told to advertise was travelandleisure, but I was looking for some other options (if possible without many intermediates).

I would be glad if someone who already sold / is selling could answer me some questions:

What paperwork do I need from Heritage?
What are the best places to advertise?
Where can I find an estimate price for my week (Club Heritage International, floating, red season, 2 bedroom/ 6 pax.)?

Thank you in advance and best regards to all


In terms of paperwork, simply ask your own home resort..Deeds, etc, would be an ideal start!!

Value wise, e-Bay!! is a good measure..if you put it up for Auction!!then, it will achieve its true worth..

Presently, the market is none-exsistant.. Very few weeks! command  high prices!or perhaps you are ok with the long-game.

Its, true what they say, you pays, your take your chances!!

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