RCI Club Access?

Started by Carolinian, May 08, 2011, 07:49:38

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There was a reference to something in the pipeline called ''RCI Club Access'' on another timeshare site by a poster who appears he may be an RCI paid blogger (a frequent corporate tactic in the business world these days).  If he is what he appears he may be, this info may be an early warning of yet another change in RCI's exchange process.  He alluded to Club Access having better inventory than the regular exchange system, and one can surmise that that access would come with an extra fee.

Has anybody else heard anything about this?


That seems pretty close to this - http://www.a2l.biz/global.htm

What forum did you get the info from? Couldn't find anything by Googling the title phrase other than the ref above.

Since the change to Points Lite, RCI is virtually unusable for us in practical terms. I can't imagine that further changes in their exchange process will improve that. On top of that, our resort has introduced charges for guest certificates that make it both costlier and more difficult to exchange so the whole thing is becoming more work than leisure.

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Check out post #114 in this thread:


I don't think your link is connected.  When you click on resort profiles on their exchange page, it takes you to DAE resort profiles.  I think the Access group in your link must have a trading partner relationship with DAE.


I agree, I don't think it's connected but it may be a way for RCI to muscle in on a useful, albeit fairly bland, marketing phrase.

I had actually read quite a bit of the thread you link to and agree with most of the comments concerning the devaluation of timeshare. Still no explanation as I write this of where "Club Access" originated in possible connection with RCI though... 

Obvious when you think about it, but like cell-phones, cars and computers, timeshare has to be subject to built-in obsolescence just to maintain profits for those who hold the cards.
Timeshare ownership. The natural antidote to diazepam...

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