ANFI - Cancellation due to mis-representation and false sales pitches!

Started by Kimm10, May 09, 2011, 15:33:28

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Quote from: martyboy02 on August 18, 2014, 18:20:53
Sit and wait for the supposed EPO, is an option, I would do the same but also bombard them and anyone else questioning the sales techniques and legality of the contract.

Good advice by Norm. Martyboy good suggestion as well but put a structure behind this as shown in this article
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Just wondering if Anfi give a time frame for applying for this EPO on their letter? Does anyone know the time frame for having an EPO raised and receiving it? Would it be an idea to respond to Anfi acknowledging their letter and putting the ball back in their court saying they (Anfi) have say 30 days from your response to issue this EPO??? This would possibly make them expedite the EPO (if they will raise one) and not string out the unknown for you longer than need be Annie? I myself continue to be a mug and pay to Anfi the monthly finance payment for my so called floating week (which i hear is not legal to sell a non existent week), but i have now not paid for 2 years any maintenance fees and have not had any letter from Anfi as yet requesting these be paid. All im getting is the yearly auto generated fee reminder invoice.



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