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Started by dexter, May 30, 2011, 22:23:23

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Can anyone advise? We were in Tenerife and given a sales pitch by a company called Future Resorts Marketing claiming to sell RCI Next Generation points for 30pence each. We wer asked to buy 20000 points for £6K. These points have to be held for three years and can be sold back after that at market value. We were told that the maximum next generation points for top resorts eg Disney would be 28000. We originally agreed but then cancelled within the 14 day period. But is this a genuine deal? Or is it a scam?


You did a wise thing..cancelling within the 14 days! There are numberous better deals, on the Re-Sale.

Market..At could buy half a dozen weeks..and still have change..Have a look on the Classified

Section Here..or look on e-Bay/Timeshares..


For £6,000 you could buy more timeshare than you could ever use!

There are dozens of weeks listed on eBay for 99p or £1.

EACH week would likely give you more than 20,000 points.

And the chances of the company still existing to buy the points back in three years, and doing so at that price is extremely low.

You did the right thing.
Long time member of MORPS which for many years was the RCI Points owners group.
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Definitely did the right thing in cancelling.  An over-priced deal and very few points.  20,000 would get you very litte in the way of exchanges.

RCI Next Generation points are just a name for the points that can be used in the RCI Points exchange scheme - as opposed to Old Generation or pure points as they used to be called.

There is very little resale value with RCI Points.  Market value on resale would be around 1p per point!!!  If that!!??

Sue B


I have run across this Facebook user :  "Future Resorts Marketing the Truth", check out this post regarding misselling!

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