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Started by yeti, June 18, 2011, 19:54:38

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hi just come back from a week in Marbesa and  have been offered a T1 floating week for £ 7950 plus they would take my lock off week in florida as part payment !, does anybody have any input to if this is a good deal  as the sound of no  more maintaince fees at westgate in florida sounds to good to be true.


Definately NOT a good deal.     I can take you week at Westgate Vacation Villas off you and give you a red floating one bed at Marbesa Village for 1/4 of that price!!!!


thanks for your response , i have today written my letter of cancellation for this offer, we are not keen on going back to this resort as it seems a little quite for us, but i am intrested in getting rid of my westgate , do you have any others on offer ?!!


would you swop your timeshare for a freehol dproperty with a rental guarentee?

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