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Started by wilsonjenny, June 20, 2011, 10:09:25

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Hi - has anyone stayed at this resort recently.  We have an exchange via II for April 2012 in CH04 which leads me to believe it is in the Coach House.  A recent review showed up some very poor pictures of the bathroom area.  The Seasons web site say that the Coach House has been restored to its former glory and is listed as a Gold Crown resort by II.  Would appreciate any comments.





While its a year or two, since 1 stayed there..The absolutely Stunning!! The major
feature being the in-door leisure facilities..closely followed by the Grounds themseves..If you are keen golfers a wonderful short course is available..on - site..Trust the weather is kind..and you have a wonderful stay..Enjoy!!


Stayed in one of the 2 bed A frame lodges in January 2010. We had a great time.
Did not get to look in the Coach House but the resort is great. Even in January we had a good week, weather wise, with only one days rain
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We stayed in the coach house in May 2009, I think it was.
The only issue we had was we had to ask them to remove one of the armchairs in the living room so that we could actually open the sofa bed! It was taken away without any problem and we had a great stay there.
Can't recall any problems with the bathroom.
Great on-site facilities and the grounds are fab as mentioned above.
As Seasons members my only problem is actually getting any availability there as we only tend to holiday in the UK in the school summer holidays and this is the time when the resort is mainly full of the fixed week owners so there is less availability.
We plan on going back there one day though.


I used to own a Coach House unit at Clowance although I have to say I never set foot in it!
I have stayed at Clowance twice - once in a 2 bed room A frame lodge which was lovely and 5 years ago we stayed in a very small, what I would call Studio, A frame which we were not impressed with at all. It was booked as a one bedroom but the bedroom was in the eaves with children's sized beds. We had to sleep on the sofa bed.
The resort and grounds are lovely and there is a very nice indoor pool. Very convenient location for lots of Cornwall attractions. I am sure you will be fine in the Coach House.


We did have a lovely stay and were upgraded to a patio home (PH50) - next to the golf shop.  The resort is a bit out of the way, but close enough by car to lots of lovely places.  As you all state fantastic grounds. Weather was OK and only had one really bad day of rain - stayed 6 nights (April 29th - 6th May).  Will write a review when time permits.


Boss Man

Sounds like you had a great time Jenny. Yes it is out of the way, but is that not what you want in a "countryside retreat"?

Look forward to the review.

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