RCI website doesn't show booked holidays through Points Partners Why/

Started by princessg, November 19, 2011, 13:49:33

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I own RCI points and frequently use them for English Country Cottages or Cottages 4 You holidays.  As I own a lot of points this works very well for me. 

However I find my online points RCI account very irritating because it does not show any holidays booked through Points partners.  For example I have two holidays booked next year but they don't show in holiday plans confirmed nor do the amount of points used for these holidays show in the "My Account" section.

I would have thought that ability to see these type of bookings would be a fundamental part of the "My Account" summary.  Why on earth can't RCI do this?


You're right, they should be able to do this.

I expect that the reason they can't is that the website for RCI Europe members is based on their US offering and I understand that they don't offer Points Partners (or at least the same range) to US members.

Slightly off topic, I recently looked into the option of using English Country Cottages through my Points and was advised that it required 332 points per £ rental price and that the maximum available rental cost was £780. Do these figures tie in with your experience? If so, I doubt I'll be taking advantage of this service very often with a 3p per point cost.


RCI do offer properties from Country Cottages as points exchanges - not points partner bookings.  They have encouraged owners of private properties to join RCI Points in exchange for weeks they deposit into the system.  The owners then have a points allocation to use for points exchanges.  I have to say that they are not peak weeks and are on offer during the winter months.  There are a number available at the moment throughout December and January in different parts of the UK.

I am not sure that they are all of a similar standard but we booked one last year and stayed in a fabulour house near Chichester with all mod cons.  It was much better than timeshare resorts we had stayed in and did not have extra charges for electricity, etc!!  You can often get these exchanges from perhaps 20,000 - 30,000 points upwards. 

Sue B


Quote from: Suebe on November 23, 2011, 09:25:18
RCI do offer properties from Country Cottages as points exchanges - not points partner bookings. 

I received a Points Partner marketing email within the past 2 weeks from RCI specifically highlightling that Country Cottage rentals were available. I rang up RCI to find out the terms of the deal which is when I was given the figures I quoted in the message above.

I have also obtained one of these properties through the Points exchange system and briefly spoke to the owner. He had placed 2 off season weeks into the system and in return received 2 exchange credits which he could use through RCI. However, he was very disappointed with the exchange availability (who isn't these days!) and advised that he wouldn't be depositing any further weeks for exchange. If his experience is typical then I wonder how much longer even these off season weeks will be available....

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