Anfi Maintenance Fees

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Anfi Maintenance Fees
« on: December 08, 2011, 14:14:12 »
So folks, what happens if you don't pay your Anfi maintenance fees?  Not that I would ever consider doing such a thing!!

I have heard that people who cannot sell their weeks are starting to do this with the result that Anfi eventually reclaim ownership of the week.

What methods do Anfi employ to get such people to pay their fees? 

If the fees are still not paid, after how long will they reclaim ownership of the week? 

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Re: Anfi Maintenance Fees
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2011, 14:33:22 »
Popular misconception here.
You do not technically owe any maintenance fees to the Anfi Group, as a whole. Your fees are payable to whichever club part of the complex you own at. e.g. Anfi Beach Club, Club Puerto Anfi etc.

Each Club constitution states that "Should you NOT pay your maintenance fee for 2 successive years the weeks will be forfeited back to the relevant club"

The Anfi Management Company, which operates on behalf on the clubs, will send you reminders to say the fees have not been paid but should you fail to cover the 2 years the weeks will be listed for forfeiture at the AGM following the 2nd missed payment. the AGM will vote to ratify this forfeiture and the weeks will return to the clubs.
At the Beach Club these weeks are then offered to Beach club owners at a slightly reduced price for a short while. At the other clubs they are handed straight back to Anfi Sales.
In all cases Anfi Sales will cover the cost of the 2 years missed payments so the clubs do not lose out on the revenue to keep the clubs running.
At no time should the Anfi Group be involved in coercing people to pay.
If any member wishes to go down this route they only need to ignore any reminders for about 18 months
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Alan R

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Re: Anfi Maintenance Fees
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Thanks for the info...