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Anfi Selling Fees

Started by Alan R, November 25, 2011, 18:46:28

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Alan R

Any truth in the rumour that Anfi Del Mar (Gran Canria) have increased their selling fees (if you sell your weeks via a timeshare sales company) to around 700 Euros?? 


No rumour, it's a fact that Anfi have increased the transfer fee to €700.

See here:


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True it's not a rumour, but in typical Anfi style, they haven't done us the courtesy of advising us formally.

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Hi Alan,

I have made a formal complaint to the RDO, initially about the lack of confirmation coming out of Anfi.     So far Anfi are silent (no surprise there).   RDO gave them a deadline to respond to me which will expire sometime early Dec'11.        I've had no previous experience of the RDO (self regulatory body funded by Anfi), so I'm not expecting miracles but to be fair to them, then have asked me already if I've heard anything back.

My suspicions are that Anfi don't want to formally confirm anything to us as they well know that elements of their new processes are not only against club constitutions but also are discriminatory practices and no doubt in breach of EU law.     If Anfi do ever grow a pair and formally respond to me then if it's as we fear, then I will be submitting a second RDO complaint and may consider taking further through other channels and I've got a few other ideas too.

But, for the moment, I'm trying the official channels.


Hi Partymonkey,
As you say, RDO are funded by the industry including Anfi. From my experience whilst you might get some noises from RDO you are unlikely to get any sense.
They will support there own as far as I can see



Here is a useful name and address for the RDO:

Paul Gardner Bougaard. Chief Executive

Email: pgb@rdo.org

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@ myboy -   the fee remains but progress is being made.  See http://www.timesharetalk.co.uk/index.php?topic=15769.0

@martyboy - thanks for the RDO contact.... Could come in handy as I think my 21 day official complaint response deadline expires today/tomorrow.....