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Started by fastal909, March 24, 2012, 19:11:54

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Does anyone know if we have to pay a guest certificate to club la costa (marina del sol) for an exchange through DAE


NOT 2 THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE!!  USED  DaE. Over the last 10 years!!  Some resorts..are making additional charges!!

However, to date NEVER  exchanged into a Club La Costa Resort!! But simply ring and ASK!!  they offer First rate Customer Service..


ok thanks for your reply


DAE offers free guest certificates.  My experience when there are local resort charges for other things, they are sometime less than what an RCI exchanger would be charged for the same things.  That was true on one of my exchanges to the French Riviera and also on a friends exchange to Austria.  Plus, of course, RCI always charges you for the guest certificate itself.

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