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Started by Mark_DerbyshireUK, April 12, 2012, 19:49:06

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I am aware that I've been pretty damning about Heritage Resorts and would want to pay on record my views about the resorts in that group.

We have been members over 10 years. We have always used the Matchroom resort but have visited their Playa Real resort.

Our experience has always been great in terms of our holiday stay. The resort is secure, clean, generally quiet and very nicely set. The views are stunning and will be even better nice the neighbouring golf course is re-developed...looks like being one of the best on the costa.

The staff are extremely friendly and work hard to make your stay real pleasure.

I would like to sell my floating week in Heritage ... Not because I don't enjoy it but because we want to do other things.


Mark, Have you ever tried to trade your week through Dial an Exchange in order to do those other things?

Check out


Thank you. Not tried it but want to do more UK based stays in pet friendly not sure that exchange is suitable!


Quote from: Mark_DerbyshireUK on April 13, 2012, 09:37:58
Thank you. Not tried it but want to do more UK based stays in pet friendly not sure that exchange is suitable!

You really now have 2 major problems. The first one is getting rid of an unwanted timeshare at a time when the market is very weak.
Your second problem is around your wish to holiday in UK locations that are pet friendly.
Most quality resorts or hotels in the UK do not allow pets. Diamond resorts, for instance, have a number of UK resorts but I believe only one resort in the Diamond collection (in Scotland) will accept pets.

The vast majority of timesharers in Europe are British, in Diamonds case it has been reported to be as many as 95% of owners being British.
Timeshare having been in existence for over 25 years it is now overloaded with an ageing membership.
As people become older their wish to spend holidays abroad diminishes for a number of reasons, the main ones being centred around personal mobility and waiting and standing time at airports and other travel issues. What has resulted is a shortage of suitable acccommodation throughout the UK as the ageing memberships clamber for what little inventory is available.

There are pet friendly hotels to be found in the UK but these tend to be on the expensive side as they usually take into account, rightly or wrongly, the extra wear and tear and cleaning that "pet guests" may create.
In conclusion your future holiday plans create a financial double whammy.


Thank you. You have perfectly identified the dilema we now find ourselves in...that we didn't really think through and conclude during the 'presentation' at Heritage Resorts over 10 years ago...indeed, had we taken the opportunity to think things through, at least beyond the next few years, we would not be where we are now.

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