Buying Timeshare In Portugal

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Buying Timeshare In Portugal
« on: May 26, 2012, 09:05:55 »
Portugal is one of the most popular countries in Europe for those who are looking for a holiday, and thousands enjoy their vacation so much, that they return to their favourite part of this country year after year. Portugal has a well established tourism industry and modern infrastructure, but at the same time, it still retains its unique cultural heritage and traditions. It is perhaps this reason above others that buying timeshare in Portugal is becoming so attractive.

The Algarve

Probably the most popular and well known part of Portugal for holidaymakers is the Algarve. This southernmost region of Portugal is also popular with people who are considering buying timeshare in Portugal, and the main reasons for this are the great year around weather, fine beaches and modern facilities. As well as being a summer vacation spot, it also makes a lovely escape in the winter for people from northern climates who appreciate the sun a warmth in December! Of course, the Algarve isn't just about beach holidays, as it has a history dating back many thousands of years. Lagos with it ancient town walls is a good example of this.


After the Algarve, another area of Portugal that attracts many visitors is the city of Lisbon, which is the capital. Positioned on the coast, Lisbon has a history older than that of London, and as such has many wonderful architectural and historical attractions. In fact, two sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and these are Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery. Some of the best restaurants, nightlife and entertainment venues can be found in Lisbon, and it is a popular place for people on holiday in Portugal to both stay and visit. This in turn, also makes it high on the list of places to consider when buying timeshare in Portugal.

Other Area in Portugal

Whilst Lisbon and the Algarve may be the two most famous and well known areas of the country, there are other areas worthy of considering when booking a holiday or buying a timeshare in Portugal. These include the Costa Verde, or the green coast at the north of Portugal, the Planicles, or the Portuguese plane region of Alentejo and the Costa da Prata, or the silver coast. A day trip in a car will reveal a wide and varied landscape dotted with many picturesque towns and villages, each one seemingly more inviting than the last.

Language And Culture

Many people may assume that Portuguese is similar to Spanish, and although to some extent it is, there are also huge dissimilarities! Holidaymakers may like to learn a few phrases if venturing off from the beaten track, as should those who are thinking of buying timeshare in Portugal. English may be spoken in the tourist resorts and outlets such as restaurants or bars, but it is less likely to be spoken in the small towns and villages. The Portuguese are very helpful and friendly people, and all the more so when someone makes an effort to speak their language!

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Re: Buying Timeshare In Portugal
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Nice post thanks for sharing.