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Started by euroblue, October 13, 2012, 21:26:52

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my folks are on holiday in gran canaria and have just called me to say they've signed up to a holiday scheme / timeshare at the anfi beach club resort

from what i can gather and not having the details or paperwork to hand it seems that they have signed up for the following....

anfi beach club - gran canaria

1 week (floating? no specific week mentioned) for 10 years for £10k

no assigned apartment (dont think) and flexibility throughout the year to use it,  they have been offered an additional free 2 weeks in the first year.

a lot has also been made of access to other resorts worldwide at reduced prices and further weeks at anfi beach club again at reduced prices

anfi offered them use of the apartment for the rest of their holiday which they declined as they are in a very nice hotel as it is.

they havnt paid any money yet but have signed a lot of contracts

apologies for the length of the post but i knew nothing about timeshares until a couple of hours ago and would be grateful if someone could let me know if this is value for money or if they are being taken for a ride?

what are some of the things the sales rep might not have been 100% truthful about?

would people that are clued up about this resort and timeshare in general sign up for this deal?



Firstly contact them urgently and tel them under no circumstances to hand over any money or card details. If they have check their bank/card company and ask for an immediate clawback.
Secondly cancel the deal in writing. Thrid if they really really want timeshare with escalating yearly maintainence fees got to ebay and buy one for a pound.

Alan R


Tell them to back right out of that Anfi BC deal!!

It's just not worth it, especially at £10K for 10 years.  Anfi will promise you access all year round to extra weeks, but when you phone up you find there is no availability. Anfi Beach Club is an ok place but so are lots of other places.

Flights to Gran Canaria are never cheap - add flight expenses to the £10K over 10 years - not a good deal.  They are better off looking for all-inclusive deals or whatever, doing research and getting the best deals they can. And, of course, there is the annual maintenance plus anfi vacation club fees (another waste of money).

I bought 1 week (13) at Anfi Beach Club in 2004 and I wish I had never bothered. I would have to give it away to get rid of it. Timeshare is a dead loss!

Floating week or fixed week timeshare just isn't worth the hassle and expense.  DO NOT BUY TIMESHARE >:(


I can't tell you how much I agree with all that Kevscar and DNBTS are saying. If your parents are still not sure about cancelling get them to work out to the last pound what it would cost them if they used the timeshare for, lets say, the next ten years and ask them to compare it to the holiday they are on just now. (Forget all the "freebies". They are irrelevant and used merely to confuse.)
Here is my conservative estimate.

    1 weeks timeshare/year - £1000
             Maintenance /year - £400?
Flights/Transfers etc.(for 2) - £500-£600?

Obviously my figures can only be approximate but I don't think that +/- £2000 for 1 weeks self catering works out at a very good deal.


Tell your parents to get up to Anfi with a written letter cancelling the contract, if possible get evidence of the letter being handed over (Photograpth or conversation recorded). Get the name of the person recieving the correspondence.

The Anfi staff will tell them they can't back out or some other cock n bull story, this will just be typical Anfi crap and your parents must stick to their guns and demand the contract is cancelled, if possible get your parents to do it somewhere public, like the sales deck.

If deposit has been paid demand the money back.

The staff will probably get "funny" with them but your parents MUST cancel as soon as possible. A little ear ache now, will save a whole world of grief, pain, stress and anguish later.

Totally agree with eneri, work out the costs as he/she has done and you will see that it just isn't worth it, and you will be tied to the resort.

Please keep us informed and the best of luck to your parents.
Survivor Of Anfi scammers, willing to help others


I totally agree with everything that has been said by the others.
If Anfi are playing by the book your parents should have a 14 day cooling off period.
As Martyboy says, get a letter to customer services and CANCEL.
That 10 year deal does not stack up at all.
The floating system at Anfi Beach Club does not cover the whole resort as about 75% of the weeks are in fixed ownership and would not be available for use by floating owners.


thanks for the replies...doesnt sound like a good deal. i havnt got in touch with them as they're enjoying their holiday and i dont wont to stress them out with the hassle ...they get back late tonight and ill point them in the direction of this thread and the forum so they can make up their own mind armed with the full picture. they will still be within the 14 day cooling off period which they have already mentioned to me.

done a hell of a lot more research on this and have been left with more questions than answers to be honest...

are the time shares that you see for re sale limited to 10 years are they lifetime? presume you pay the maintenance charges (£400+ per year) on top of the purchase price? how much are the annual fees for anfi?

would they not be better off buying a fixed week or floating on the resale market for a couple of grand and then using an exchange company if they wanted a different resort or date? how easy is this?

or rent some of the apartments @ anfi beach club that seem to be on offer for the week for £500 ish as and when?

they are thinking they are getting a top quality weeks accomodation for 1k with great flexibility, a free weeks holiday, access to other resorts, additional weeks at reduced prices and reductions on car hire etc. doesnt sound like that much of a rip off when you put it in those terms? what's the catch?


If they like the idea of timesharing, and I have found it very worthwhile while I have been involved in it, then the resale market is the place to buy.  It is much cheaper, and except for a few developers, you get the same rights as a purchaser from the developer.  If they like trading, then use

Developer purchases are never a good deal.


As Carolinian says, timeshare can be good if you know what you are doing.
Anfi is one of those resorts that is putting more & more restrictions on resale owners so, unless you want to stay there each year, it would be best to buy a resale at a different resort. :-[

Mose resorts have a lif longer that 10 years. Anfi would probably ask more if you were buying for a longer period. Original owners at Anfi Beach Club have ownership 'in perpetuity' whilst at Gran Anfi it is 50 years. Resale purchasers should get the same time.

Fixed or floating is a matter of personal choice. I have fixed week and have no wish to own floating but that is my choice.

If you don't mind when you go then the rental market would be fine. Many people do this at Anfi.

Can't fault the accommodation at Anfi but the Sales & after sales leave a little to be desired


I get the impression from your last sentence that your parents seem happy about this deal however I think that before things go any further you should try to convince them to get out of the contract ASAP as this is definately not worth it. For the price that timeshares can be bought for on the resale market £10k wouldn't be a good deal with a 100year lease.
You ask what's the catch.

1) They are paying way over the odds.

2) They may find that their free week involves more high pressure sales guff trying to part them from even more of their cash.

3) Access to other resorts simply means paying an exchange company to let you change your Anfi week for a timeshare unit that the exchange company may happen to have in their inventory at that time. Also, Anfi seem to be affiliated to RCI which may cause problems when using another exchange company.

4) Things like reduction on car hire could be offered anywhere. A travel agent would probably give a similar deal if he thought he might lose a sale.

If they still want to go into timeshare then tell them to take their time and do nothing untill they have answers to all the questions you posed in your last post (some of which have been answered by Calvin and Carolinian.)


agree with all of the posters - timeshare is great if you research and NEVER buy on site while you are on holiday. i have 2 weeks at hollywood mirage - i bought these second hand. it suits us with the certainty of the weeks we bought and we have had no problems in 10 years. i am a member of RCI so have exchanged and stayed at Anfi among ither places - so the system works - i would be dubious about paying anything that didnt involve a set week at a named resport. check out ebay - people just dont want the hassle of a t/s nowadays.

Big Swim

Time is running out for your folks euroblue make sure they cancel dude and ask the questions later


Absolutely!!GET OUT!! While it may well be a Great Resort..for that kind of money!  the Alternatives stand Head & Shoulders above that!!

Like others have suggested!! BUY!! Re-Sale..even the Same Resort..if they Like it there!! The Question is?? Do they intend going there!!

for the Next 10.Years!! Highly Unlikely!!...Hope your folks!! escape with just a scare..NOT  a night-mare!!


Quote from: Big Swim on October 23, 2012, 00:20:31
Time is running out for your folks euroblue make sure they cancel dude and ask the questions later

Hey! They can always use ReclaimGC later down the line ;D ;D :o

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