RCI exchange fees go up Nov. 1 in US; will they in UK?

Started by Carolinian, October 15, 2012, 19:57:46

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Thank you for that information Morpheus.

I have spoken to RCI and they are sending me a form. Also they said I cant change my points into weeks!!!
As you said they are saying it will take a year from the date they receive my signed form back, can you suggest/recommend how I deal with this.

Everyone please help with a new issue I now face.  I have discovered from RCI that the resort I bought into has from Jan 2013, reduced the number of points I receive to less then half.  I have spoken to my resort and have been told that a letter has been sent to me last week explaining why they have done this.  I am absolutely gutted to say the least about this.  This cuts my chances of extra/big vacations down to nothing!!!
Has anyone had this experience and what did you do about this?


When you joined RCI Points did you cede a timeshare week into the points system in exchange for your 65,000 annual points?  If you did so, you can uncede that week from the points system (by completing the form from RCI).  You still own that week and have presumably been paying annual maintenance to your resort. When you uncede a week, the points you receive will no longer exist and your timeshare week(s) will revert to a week for week exchange system.  You have to use any existing points (from this year and previous years) before the end of your 12 month surrender period or they will expire when you membership stops.

If you also bought additional points when you first joined RCI Points (sometime known as pure points and more recently Next Generation or NX points), then all you can do is surrender these back to RCI if you no longer wish to use them and want to get out of RCI points (again 12 months notice and these will be shown separately on the form that RCI sends you).

You don't mention which resort you own at, only that RCI has halved the points value of your week(s).  This does happen at times but only usually when a resort has been downgraded in the RCI system, eg from Gold to Silver Crown or all the way down to Standard.  I would have thought that they would have contacted you about this before this happening.  In the same way, resorts that have improved may well get their points values increased.

In 12 months time it will not matter as your now be a weeks member. This then ables you to explore your options and you can utilise additional exchange companies like Dial An Exchange and UK Resorts exchange.

I have never know a RCI Points resort to lose more than half its points ratings. Some resorts even on being downgraded from Gold Crown to Hospitality the points have stayed the same at worst a couple of thousand points. Please let us know where you own

Unless you got a little confused and this is less your pure points?
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