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Started by cavapoo2411, January 07, 2013, 19:02:34

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I would just like to bring to DRI members notice the existence of an additional free member forum/group on facebook. This group is open to all DRI members globally and is a source of invaluable information and a resource for lively discussion between members, especially if you are planning a holiday outside of Europe if you are a European member.  I am NOT looking to try to poach members from this group as it is just an alternate free resource of useful information. It is a closed group that you can join by submitting a request to join.  Both DRI European member directors Harry Taylor and Mark Harris are members of the group as are around 300 other DRI global members and in the last week alone membership has grown by nearly 10%.  The group itself wishes to engage members in lively discussion about club membership to help all members get the most added value out of their membership.  Look forward to welcoming any new members aboard and together with this free forum it should help all members attain better knowledge of DRI, as knowledge grows with experience and even better when this knowledge is obtained on a global basis.

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