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Started by lawnmower60, February 10, 2013, 21:46:37

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This is from a Canaries newspaper
The Anfi Group plans to start construction this summer of Ruby, a luxury hotel with 600 beds in the Valley of Taurus (Mogan), when I have the go ahead for the construction of the marina.  The resort, which features "with all administrative blessings", represents an investment of 60 million.

The Anfi Group plans to start building the Hotel Ruby in parallel to start projecting marina at the foot of the Valley of Taurus.  The chain has refused to begin the work of its new five-star tourist jewel in Mogan to have the green light to the creation of the berths, despite having years with license to build the hotel, including in the tourism project Anfi Tauro which includes the construction of a total of 7,500 beds, two artificial beaches and said port.

And the time is coming, because the dock project is already "in the public information phase," so you could get permission "in late February," he explained to this newspaper the Anfi Group CEO, José Luis Trujillo.  Should these expectations, the works of this complex of "luxury" would start "summer", which would be completed by mid-2015.


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