TATOC Five Year Strategic Plan.

Started by Sandy Grey, March 24, 2013, 16:17:57

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Sandy Grey

TATOC recently published a five year plan which is  strong on presentation but   weak on content

Whomever wrote the published Plan was a wordsmith as the prose is exemplary  but the more you delve into the content the more obvious that TATOC  are living in a dream world.

Their ambitions are laudable.    Essentially they want to broaden their sphere of influence within the  timeshare world  and in  the media to:-

•   be "recognised and respected" as the "best independent body for timeshare consumers".
•   become the first consumer point of contact on timeshare matters for authorities and the media (I wonder who they think they have to topple to achieve this ?).
•   extend into the EU - although they will find Germany a hard nut to crack with a media attitude even more negative than that of the UK

And they intend to:

•   increase  membership by promoting TATOC in campaigns in association with trader members
•   sharpen up the Helpline to be more pro-active in the help & support it provides to consumers.
•   widen the scope of their Codes of Practice - hopefully requiring total compliance with the law !

But where the Plan really falls flat on its face is in the key area of finance

There are no proposals  to change their main sources of funding. which are mostly  used to support the Helpline:-

•   The Timeshare Trust (RDO money)
•   Affiliate traders membership fees
•   Approx. 50p per owner in affiliated  resorts - money collected by friendly traders, often without the knowledge of the contributing owners !

Which means that TATOC will continue to have its strings pulled by the developers.  And knocks on the head claims  of  an "independent consumer organisation"

The Plan is honest enough to admit that the industry is facing some tough challenges but TATOC is still stuck in the deluded belief   (or at least pretended belief)   that getting round a table with the rogues will solve all the problems - just a Neville Chamberlin thought he would achieve with Adolf  Hitler in 1938 !

So, back to where we started - lovely words but mostly meaningless. But well worth a read if you're feeling drowsy.

Sandy Grey


I wonder if TATOC's 5-year plan will come any closer to being accomplished than the 5-year plans of the old Soviet Union, which was famous for its 5-year plans.

The area that hit me immediately was their 5 year horizon to put out more Codes of Practice.  Frankly the very general Code of Conduct is worth little without accompanying Codes of Practice covering the details in the key areas.  Right now, they have only two Codes of Practice, on resellers and on resort committees.  Even looking at the ones they project doing in their 5-year plan, they leave huge holes mostly having to do with developers (HMMM, funny thing about that!).  Actually, some of us knowledgable about timeshare could probably give them a working draft for all the missing Codes of Practice inside of a week if we put out minds to it, and that includes the important areas they are leaving out of their 5-year plan.  There is no reason other than foot dragging for this to take 5 years.  They got off to a good start with the Code of Conduct but are now asleep at the switch.  There is a lot positive that TATOC could do for timesharing if they only would.  I am afraid that being in bed with developers is hurting more than helping the cause for consumers.  Granted, there is a certain amount of cooperation to be expected as consumers and developers do have some common interests, but not to the extent of being the developers' poodle.  There are just too many areas where developers interests and those of consumers are opposing interests.


How totally predictable from Sandy Grey, the man who hasn`t had anything positive to say on timeshare for as long as I can remember. His annual report being the same old same old negative and destructive criticisms of the industry with the usual minimal annual updates of each years activities on reform and why they wont work, in his opinion.

Then we have the equally predictable carolinian who has lots of  ideas as to how the industry should be reformed but no idea as to how to make it happen other than it should not take somebody else (TATOC) too long and certainly not 5 years.
Is this a breakthrough at last? Is carolinian going to provide the funding to not only make TATOC less dependent on its perceived benefactors but also advance its 5 year plan significally forward?  Somehow I think not! Talk costs nothing. Actions inevitably need financing.

It has taken these folks over a week to come up with their posts.  Posts that I could have predicted within half hour of reading the TATOC plan.

Here endeth my contribution on this thread.   


When anyone tries to do anything constructive on these Codes of Conduct, Mavo, you slam the door shut as you did on this thread:


The point is that you, as a TATOC board member, don't want constructive suggestions.  Indeed I suspect that Sandy put this thread on this board instead of the TATOC board on this site so that you would not lock this thread as you locked that one.

Wriring a Code of Practice should NOT take five years.  It may be done, at least as a working draft, in five days if someone really wanted to.  Then five weeks ought to be enough time to study it, amend it as needed and vote to adopt it.  To give an extra margin, a five month plan on Codes of Practice is more than enough.  A 5-year plan is absurd.

Some of your other goals may legitimately have a longer time horizon, but not the Codes of Practice.

. . . and putting together Codes of Practice takes mainly expertise, NOT funding.


Sandy - It is a good thing you started this thread on this board.  Mavo is already making threats on the TATOC board to try to censor discussion there:


Mavo is ''warning'' others about doing the very thing that he himself is doing in that thread!  Obviously, to him different rules apply to different people.

The real theat to TATOC's effectiveness is trying to be all things to all people.  By pandering to developers, it sometimes keeps them from looking out for the interests of members and even of resort committees in the areas where they have opposing interests.  Sometimes the payoff money just isn't worth it.  TATOC should take a good hard look at who it really wants to represent.


Quote from: Mavo on March 24, 2013, 18:25:42
Then we have the equally predictable carolinian

and the equally predictable Mayo who seems to have become a lapdog of TATOC,s wonder how much they are paying him


Mmmm.... Bit of biting on here lately ......... :'(

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