Kansas City: Affordable Family Fun with Barbecue on the Side

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Kansas City: Affordable Family Fun with Barbecue on the Side

 Kansas City: Affordable Family Fun with Barbecue on the Side  

If you want to take the family on an affordable vacation or need to find the ideal spot for a romantic getaway, consider Kansas City. Centrally located in the Midwest, this former cow town boasts world-class entertainment, rich history and culture, fun family activities and affordable pricing.
Where to Stay
Recent inner-city revivals in Kansas City have spawned a wealth of luxury and bargain hotels in the downtown area. If you plan to drive or rent a car, staying in the suburbs will work for you, but the best access to public transportation as well as most of the best hotel rates can be found downtown in the Power and Light District, Crossroads or midtown Kansas City. Do not pick a hotel near the airport as the rates of rooms here are inflated, and these accommodations are several miles from most attractions.
What to Do
Kansas City boasts a wide variety of activities, events and entertainment options. While some visitors may wish to explore beyond the borders of Kansas City, Missouri, into suburbs on either side of the Kansas-Missouri state line, here is a list of the best attractions in downtown:

Visit the Kansas      City River Market and tour the Steamboat Arabia Museum.
Enjoy the      shopping, dining, fountains and architecture at Kansas City’s famed      Country Club Plaza.
Take the kids on      a free tour of Hallmark Cards and enjoy the imagination factory at      Kaleidoscope.
Take in a live      show, watch an IMAX movie, enjoy the architecture or purchase passes to      Science City at Kansas City’s Union Station.
Experience      modern art at Kansas City’s free Kemper Museum of Modern Art. Then cross      the street to enjoy a stroll through the statue garden of the      Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art before spending the rest of your day perusing      the exhibits indoors.
Learn about the      history of Negro League baseball at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in      the 18th and Vine district.
Immerse yourself      in the sounds of Kansas City jazz and blues at the American Jazz Museum,      or come late and listen in at the Blue Room where musicians still come to      jam.

What to Eat
Of course, when you come to Kansas City, you must try the barbecue. It has been said that the best way to start a fight in Kansas City is to begin a sentence with the words, “The best barbecue in Kansas City is . . .” A better option is to try several of the barbecue restaurants yourself.

Gates Barbecue,      perhaps the best-known of the Kansas City chains, features savory sauces      with a hint of smoky sweetness. Meat cuts are well-marbled, although a      little fatty at times.
Arthur Bryant’s,      a favorite of former President Jimmy Carter, serves up deli-sliced meats      and delectable cuts of beef with their spicy, savory sauce.
Winslow’s in the      River Market offers lean meats slathered in a sweet sauce, available with      or without a jalapeno kick.
Newcomer      Oklahoma Joe’s has stepped up to play with the big boys in Kansas City.      Don’t let the name fool you. Joe serves some of the best authentic Kansas      City barbecue with a light, smoky flavor to round out his sweet sauces.

Of course, the city has a wide variety of other great restaurants as well. If you find yourself wandering through Westport some evening during your visit, enjoy a cultural adventure with the fine cuisine at any of the Mediterranean or Indian restaurants in the area for a unique and wonderful treat.
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