7 Tips for a Successful Home-stay Experience

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7 Tips for a Successful Home-stay Experience
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7 Tips for a Successful Home-stay Experience

7 Tips for a Successful Home-stay Experience

Whenever you go on holiday, one of the top things people look for is a true homely experience. You want to know where to go to see the best sights, where is good for a meal, and you want to embrace the culture in all its glory. What could be a better way of doing this than sharing a home with someone who already lives there? Home-shares are the latest trend with travelers worldwide, with many sites offering the ability to show off what you have to offer as a host, and as a guest, to find what you are looking for. However, this new market comes with its own set of rules, and customs which should be followed if you want your travelling experience to be a success.
Think from a host’s point of view
Of course you would be welcoming and offer the best service you could, but what about the initial interaction? After all, you want to at least have a general ‘gist’ about the person you are about to let into your home. If you are browsing through an online agency to find a home-share, at least update your profile first. It doesn’t have to be anything too in-depth like what your cat’s name is, but just a picture, maybe a sentence or two about who you are, and some contact information.
Read and learn
If you find a prospective home-share, but have a few questions, read through their almost-always detailed, in-depth description of what they have to offer first, and see if you could answer the questions yourself. After all, you don’t want them to think that you’re too stupid to read and understand a short paragraph do you?
If you want to know, just ask
If after reading through the host’s description you still find yourself with questions, it’s better to ask before you set off on your worldly experience, than to get there and find yourself stuck or disappointed. As long as you ask questions in an open and friendly manner, your host should have no problem at all in answering your queries or putting your mind at rest.
Learn where the line lies
Most hosts will be more than happy to meet and greet you, some may even become life-long friends, but don’t be a clingy guest. Just because you are staying in their home, does not mean you have to follow them around everywhere, do everything that they do, or go to the bathroom with them. There are boundaries which should be established, most are related to common sense.
Remember, it’s their house
Most hosts will make it clear either in the online description, or when you meet them which areas of the house are available for you to use. However, even if they say the living room/kitchen/TV room is available, that doesn’t mean to say you can take it over. Remember, it’s their house too, and they will want to live in it. So if you have plans to watch a film or cook a large meal, ask them nicely in advance. Most will be obliging, some may even ask to join you, but they will almost always be happy that you had the politeness to ask first.
Everyone is their own person
So if you’re used to staying in hotels or bed-and-breakfasts when you travel, you have to remember that this is different. You may be used to openly expressing your dying love for raw meat, or eggs, but if your host is a vegan, you may have to tone down a bit, and attempt to understand their feelings too. No two people are ever exactly the same, but think of it as an opportunity, as opposed to a burden.
Be honest
When you get back home after your trip, and you get an email asking for feedback on the agents website that you used, only leave constructive feedback. Remember, everyone is different, so just because you maybe didn’t like the layout of your room, doesn’t mean that everyone else will feel the same. However, if your room was unclean, or when you got there it was totally different from what you were expecting, it will benefit not only the host (so they can change their ways) but also fellow travelers who may have been mislead.
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