The Best Free Travel Apps

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The Best Free Travel Apps
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The Best Free Travel Apps

The Best Free Travel Apps
There are many ways to ensure a holiday dream is realized and many of the best free travel apps for mobile phones will assist in this goal. Here is a selection of such apps available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users that were recently tested abroad.

The Triposo app is one of the most impressive free travel apps available with a huge amount of content in its country guides. After downloading the initial app users can select a destination and download the guide to that country. Each country guide contains about 25MB of information so it is best to download the guide prior to travel.
Reading the travel guide was a perfect way to pass time in the airport and during the flight, with the phone in safe mode of course, and there is the option to listen to an audible copy of each page. The general information for each country includes money and health matters as well as the latest weather forecast.
The built-in phrase book is extensive to say the least and there are plenty of facts about the sights and attractions that are accompanied with thumbnail images. The Triposo app also uses GPS to provide location based services such as where restaurants, shops and hotels are and there is a map for navigation too.
MapFactor Navigator

This GPS navigator does take a little figuring out but it is well worth the time as it is rated as the number one free navigator app for mobile phones. This title is well-deserved as it accurately provided directions during its overseas test.
The app will direct drivers through city centres if they are en-route so it may be best to change this default before first use. There is also an audible warning for breaking speed limits and this is extremely beneficial in an unfamiliar country.
Ski & Snow Report

The Ski & Snow Report App is incredibly useful for fans of winter sports and this again makes use of GPS for location based services. Upon arrival the app automatically loads the phone with information such as the distance to the nearest ski resorts, ski maps and the latest images from the on-hill webcams.
Each ski resort listed is accompanied with details of the snow pack, latest snowfall, number of lifts operating and the number of kilometres of ski runs that are open. One of the best features is the up to date feedback from other skiers on conditions and lift queues as this will help users to choose the best ski runs or even which ski resort to visit on any given day if they have a rental car.
Wi-Fi Finder & AroundMe
These two separate apps are essential to smartphone users with the Wi-Fi Finder detecting the nearest hotspots, which it can do even when offline, and displaying the cost to use the Wi-Fi signal should one exist. The AroundMe app provides details and directions to the nearest amenities such as ATMs, petrol stations, chemists, hospitals and bars on either a street or satellite map.
Voice Translator Free

This is a great translation service that uses voice recognition to take a phrase and convert it into the chosen language. Before translation takes place the voice recognition system shows the text it recognised on the screen and this can be edited if there is a mistake, in fact this is what makes this the best free translator app. The app will then translate the phrase into both text and audio.
The audible output is available for the most popular languages whilst other languages can be loaded for a small fee with the translations of these languages provided in text only.
XE Currency
Whilst not the most exciting app XE Currency is a really useful tool that uses the exchange rates collected from the last time the phone was connected to a network to convert holiday costs back into your own currency. The app can also display the conversions for five currencies at once making this a great app for travellers in Europe for example where several currencies exist.
These free travel apps can be downloaded from Google Play for Android phone users, the Apple App Store for iPhone users and the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone users.
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