Problems between Anfi shareholders? Is it a war? Local press today.

Started by jcorrea-lawyer, July 18, 2013, 11:05:31

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Interesting newspaper article in today's local press here in Gran Canaria. According to this local newspaper the Lyng family is demanding Santiago Santana Cazorla to give up Anfi Group Management. They have started a criminal complaint for misappropriation of funds and are finalizing a lawsuit to require the entrepeneur to return 8.6 million euros.

You can follow the rest of this news, translated by me, here:

This is the link to the article:
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There is some kind of war between local hotels groups, Santana Cazorla ( which owns 50% of the Anfi Group, and Lopesan (, who wants to get Anfi's control. Lopesan has strengthened ties with the Lyng family and may buy their share. Probably this legal strategy has something to do with it, weakening the position of Santana Cazorla group.

Recently Lopesan has taken to public auctions some Anfi assets to try to recover a loan but so far the auction has been stopped (it had to take place last 12/07) due to appeals. You can read more about this new here: 
Unfortunately is in spanish :-(
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Departamento de Recursos Humanos

Grupo Anfi · Barranco de la Verga nº 7 · E- 35120 Arguineguín · Gran Canaria · España · Tel (+34) 928 152 990 ·

Dear all:

During the past few days, articles have been appearing in the press which affect the company, and
unsettle our team of workers. Such articles do no more than spoil a working atmosphere that can
claim to be exemplary. Therefore, the Management of the Anfi Group would hereby like to express its
gratitude for the excellent work carried out on a daily basis by the team of workers of this company, a
company which belongs to us all, and which makes the dreams of many families come true. We say
'belongs to us all' because , in reality, Anfi belongs to the members who have been purchasing
timesharing holidays during 25 years, and in a certain way to the work teams that have made all of
this possible.

The Anfi Group has always been renowned for being a company with very strong roots, and due to
its prestige and international reputation, accustomed to changes in shareholders. The quality of its
personnel is well known to Canarian society, and our staff have always respected the company they
work for, and with dedication offer the best possible service to our members and suppliers, knowing
that this is the only way to maintain the soundness of the business.

Since the beginning, when the founder Mr. Lyng, a businessman and visionary who made the dream
of Anfi come true, the employees have always been proud and grateful for the shareholders who
joined the Group, first TUI, and afterwards Santana Cazorla. The incorporation of these shareholders
brought a great deal of strength to the Anfi Group.; TUI in relation to international projection, and in
structure and organization; and Santana Cazorla contributed with financial support at a time when
most needed by the company, due to the difficult situation caused by the departure of the tour
operator. Santana Cazorla provided financial solvency and support to the Group and achieved the
advancement of the construction in the Tauro Valley, finishing the golf course, various resorts of
villas, and the Anfi Emerald Club. These actions made it possible for the Group to keep growing and
maintain the high levels of quality, even during the difficult times we are living in.

In many companies there are differences between the shareholders, but this is something that should
not affect the future of the company, and such conflicts should be solved without disturbing the heart
of the company. The articles published recently in the press may have a particular purpose that we
do not judge because that is not our task. However, what is our concern is any possible deterioration
of the image of the Group, and the damage it may suffer, because of problems that have nothing to
do with the daily management of our company.

Therefore, the Anfi Management would like to reassure you that the financial situation of the Group is
solid and that we are fulfilling all of our obligations, the periodic financial ones as well as those with
our suppliers, whom we have been working with for 25 years. The best proof of this is the excellent
satisfaction ratings that we receive daily from our clients.

We would like to transmit a message of calm to all our employees and ask that we all continue with
the excellent service we give to our clients, and to not pay any attention to external events that have
nothing to do with our professionalism.

Please make this communication available to those colleagues that do not have a corporate email
account. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Santiago Zerpa
Director de Recursos Humanos
Bringing legal advice on Timeshare matters throughout Spain.
Lawyer nº 1071 of the Las Palmas Bar Association. Canary Islands.


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