Top 5 fascinating trekking trails of Himalayas

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Top 5 fascinating trekking trails of Himalayas
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Top 5 fascinating trekking trails of Himalayas

Top 5 fascinating trekking trails of Himalayas

Stretching from Burma to the fascinating Kyrgyzstan, the Himalayas are a mountain chain of superlatives. The deepest gorges, the highest peaks, the never-ending Tibet Plateau, and the wildest forests that focus on a really diversified and spectacular biodiversity, make the chain incredible from a geographical and geological point of view.
Trekking the Himalayas is changing, and still, a lot of people are assuming that the mountain is just packed with rugged wildlife. Back in 1953 that was true because the tourism branch was not that developed and the Everest was just climbed for the first time. Presently, adventurers have plenty of ways to experience the dazzling Himalayan chain. Walking is not that difficult anymore, and even though there are areas with high altitude, you can still make it. In the following lines we’ll have a closer look at some of the most fascinating trekking trails in the Himalayas.
1. Everest Base Camp Trek
The famous trekking trail starts from Khumbu, Nepal and it’s probably the most iconic trail on the planet. The Everest Mountain is renowned for its vast glaciers, lofty mountain peaks, and overall opulence. The region is without a doubt the most admired travel spot in the world and in spite of its difficulty level, there are still people who can complete it successfully. The routes in general are grueling and they’re definitely not for everyone. Some of the most towering peaks you’ll stumble upon your trekking are Lhotse, Kantenga, Cholatse, Ama Dablam, and eventually, the almighty Everest.
· Duration of the trail: 18-22 days
· Level of difficulty: extremely tough
· Best time to trek: Feb-June, Sept-Nov
2. Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal
The standard Manaslu trekking circuit is famous for its remote locations. The mountain is the 8th tallest on the globe and it features an altitude of 8164 m. On your journey, you’ll come across the most stunning mountain panorama, challenging passes, and fascinating ancient Buddhist worship places. For mountaineers who are fond of audacious treks, this path will certainly exceed their expectations. The ‘Clandestine Lands’ is a high altitude valley from where the pristine Himalayan range looks just breathtaking.
· Duration of the trail: 22-24 days
· Level of difficulty: moderate
· Best time to trek: October to May

3. The legendary Nar and Phu valleys of Nepal
The magnificent Nar and Phu is concealed by the vortex mountain mist of Kangla. The Annapurna circuit was forbidden until the 21st century due to its difficulty level. Currently, the trekking trail is rather easy and it will lead you to Maryland River and the sheer porches of the amazing Nar and Phu Valley. From there adventurers will come across a huge span on snow-peaks, ethnical and ancient Tibetan villages, and grazing settlements. These valleys are the circuit’s most secluded parts so they’re perfect for Himalayan fanatics.  
· Duration of the trail: 23-27 days
· Level of difficulty: easy
· Best time to trek: March-May, Sept-Oct.

4. Annapurna Circuit
The trekking trail is extremely famous and it’s a major route on Nepal’s west side. The Annapurna circuit crosses one of the most far-fetched glaciers and mountains of the Annapurna conservation area. The trek is so famous that that it permits trekkers to walk through various terrains starting from high alpine to jungle, and ultimately it leads to a village dominated by the Buddhist culture. Plus, the circuit additionally passes through the deepest gorge in the world that is roughly 8,000m high. The trekking train reaches various Buddhist villages, as well as Hindu worship places.  
· Duration of the trail: 21-25 days
· Level of difficulty: moderate
· Best time to trek: March-May, Oct.-Nov

5. Mt. Kanchenjunga Trek
Often regarded as the finest trekking train in Nepal, Mt. Kanchenjunga will offer you unforgettable memories. The challenging paths go deep into the isolated Nepal’s border with Tibet and Sikkim. The beautiful path highlights the spectacular surroundings of Kanchenjunga, the 3th highest mountain peak in the world. On your journey you’ll be able to find out more about the diversified Nepalese lifestyle and culture. Unlike other trekking trails, Mt. Kanchenjunga offers spectacular rafting opportunities, and the beautiful jungle terrain shelters some of the continent’s most exotic wildlife.  
· Duration of the trail: 15-17 days
· Level of difficulty: moderate
· Best time to trek: April-June, Oct.-Dec.
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