How to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation

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How to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation
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How to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation

How to Enjoy Your Caribbean Vacation

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When you hear the word “Caribbean,” the first thing that comes to mind is easy island living. However, as most of you might not know, there is so much more to these cluster of beautiful island than lying on the sand, sipping island cocktails, and staring at the clear blue sky.
If you want to enjoy your Caribbean vacation to the limit, here are six ways to make the most out of it!
1. Ride a wave.
Transform your beach experience into an adrenaline rush! If you’re bored with wading by the shore, you can learn to catch a wave. The islands of Puerto Rico have experts and competitive surfers who teach interested guests. Aside from teaching you how to surf, they also explain the rules and etiquette of the sport. If you’re on a tight budget, you can contact local surf instructors for affordable packages.
2. Explore rainforests.
Be like Tarzan and experience the one-of-a-kind beauty of a lush Caribbean jungle. This tropical region is filled with rainforests that are home to secluded waterfalls, old plantations, and dormant volcanoes. Take a guided walk into the jungle and take a dip into the cold water of the waterfalls if you want to. You’ll also learn about different herbs and medicinal plants and how they are useful in daily life.
3. Eat island cuisine.
When visiting the Caribbean islands, don’t miss out on tasting their sumptuous meals. Their cuisine is a combination of Indian, African, Chinese and American flavors that boasts of being one of the most delectable cuisines in the world. Seafood and fruits come highly recommended.
4. Discover the safari.
Leave the paved roads and ride off to the less-travelled parts of the tropical region. There, you’ll get to see ripe fruits, gorgeous vistas, and lush trees. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll get to see lizards, wild pigs, and flamingos. To make the most out of your outback adventure, choose to go on a topless vehicle. Nature lovers will enjoy this option.
5. Go diving.

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Treat yourself with a breathtaking adventure as you get a firsthand view of the sea below the waves. Underneath the waters of the Caribbean lies a beautiful and colorful sanctuary of fish and live corals like you’ve never seen before. All-inclusive Caribbean resorts have packages that allow you to swim among the dolphins and sharks and experience diving into shipwrecks.
6. Tour the cities.
Although famous for its long stretch white-sand beaches, the Caribbean islands are also home to cities that have played a major role in history. Many of them have been used as forts and sanctuaries during the war. Aside from the rich history, the cobblestoned streets can lead you to a row of restaurants and shopping stalls you can indulge in.
Have you ever visited the Caribbean? What did you to to enjoy your vacation? Share your ideas here!
About the author: Melissa Page is an avid blogger who writes about travel and romantic travel destinations. Apart from writing, she loves the beach and hot coffee.
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