Visit famous big five of Africa this vacation

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Visit famous big five of Africa this vacation
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Visit famous big five of Africa this vacation

Visit famous big five of Africa this vacation
If you’ve ever thought about visiting Africa, you might have encountered mentions of the “Big Five” during your research. This probably sparked your curiosity. So what are they, and why are they important? The term “Big Five” refers to five of the largest African animals: lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalo, and elephants. Not only are these some of the largest animals physically, but calling them “big” also refers to game hunters’ difficulty in killing these animals. They are hard to hunt and present quite a challenge due not only to their large size but to their menacing behaviors when confronted as well.
These days, with game hunting falling out of favor due to animal rights activism, as well as a growing appreciation for the beauty of these majestic creatures, the Big Five are typically only “hunted” by intrepid photographers and safari-goers. Many safari tour operators now offer trips that focus solely on observing these animals. Read on to learn more about some of Africa’s most beautiful beasts so that if you decide to visit one day, you’ll know why they’re so wonderful.
The African lion has long been known as the king of the jungle. Many people consider the lion a powerful spirit animal, as it is known for its ferocity and strength.
 The giant cats are generally seen as fearless hunters, but they are also very social and have interesting communities that you might only be able to access if you’re on safari. African lions live together in packs, called prides, which usually consist of several lion families of females, males, and their young.
They have different protocol depending on which type of animal they’re trying to hunt: when going after a larger animal, they work together as a group to take it down, but when killing a smaller animal such as an antelope they have no problem working individually.

African leopards are another beautiful sight on safari, as long as you’re lucky enough to see one. Due to their natural camouflage and excellent ability to hide, they can sometimes be tough to find.
These nomadic felines live in sub-Saharan Africa throughout forests and bushy areas. Like other cats, leopards are nocturnal, and they are normally seen on safari while they are napping in trees, where they sit to observe prey and keep themselves safe.
African rhinos are the second-largest animals aside from elephants; they can weigh in at over three tons. Africa is home to the Black and White varieties of rhinoceros, both of which generally call southern Africa home. They live in the savannah and graze on various plants and grasses found there.

The Black variety tends to stay by themselves, while the White rhinos are social and travel around in packs. Unfortunately, rhinos have long been prized by hunters for their horns, and poaching has drastically reduced their numbers across the entire continent. Conservation and education efforts are gradually succeeding in bringing rhinos away from extinction, but it’s still a treat to see the rare creatures on safari.
Cape Buffalo are considered some of the most dangerous animals in Africa because of their fierce, protective nature. It is said that they have killed more game hunters than any of Africa’s other animals; in fact, they are so aggressive that lions typically will not go after them for fear of being killed.

There are four different types of African buffalo and can be found in forests and the savannah. The massive bovines require a lot of water to stay hydrated, so they are usually seen near areas with rivers. They normally live in very large herds, and seeing thousands of them running across the savannah during a safari is truly a treat.
African Elephant
African elephants are some of the largest mammals in the world, and are generally placid creatures unless they decide that they or their children are in danger. They have long been hunted for their tusks, which are used to make ivory, but since poaching has been banned and the populations are slowly growing again.

They have their own language and make their presence known by trumpeting and growling at others to signal warnings to them. Elephants, like lions, travel in families and are usually found in forests eating up to 400 pounds of leaves and vegetation per day. Seeing an African elephant is an amazing sight.
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