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Started by ev3, July 22, 2015, 22:08:17

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hi, new to the forum and after some advice.
signed up for our timeshare around the year 1998 with palm oasis in gran canaria. sadly we believed the salespersons false promises and lies about the place and i gave a deposit on my credit card there and then, (something ive only just found out that they shouldnt of done). on the day we returned home, their finance people contacted us with a finance plan which was extortionate. I told them we had changed our minds and wouldnt be continuing with the sale, with which they threatened me with court action to get the rest of the money (something else i have recently found out that they couldnt do).
However, being young and naive, i got a bank loan for £8000 and completed the sale. 2 years later they forced another £1500 out of me because they said we could no longer go anytime of the year, something they said was possible when i originally purchased, and we would have to go in the week originally given to us,, which wasnt suitable for us, which we pointed out at the time, so to change the week we had to sign another contact and pay more.
Now 14 years later, being older, wiser and more stubborn, and only visiting the timeshare 5 times i decided to stop paying the ever increasing maintenance payments.
i am now 2 years in arrears and after reminders from them i sent them an email saying im no longer able to pay and i was giving them the timeshare back.
i had a reply from them saying they dont accept weeks back but if i bring my account up to date they would add my name to a list for consideration.
Well i certainly dont have 2 years maintenance to give them, and if i did i wouldnt give them another penny.
So now i am recieving letters and phone calls from a company called resort recoveries, based in the uk. up to now i have ignored them all. today i recieved a final demand from resort recoveries, saying if i dont pay by 31/07/15 then legal action will be forthcoming and that palm oasis are in the process of preparing the paperwork in the spanish court.
my question is...what should i expect to happen next and what should i do in response.
sorry for such a long drawn out message
thanks for any help and advice.



This is probably more bluff to force you to pay. Come back on this forum if they officially serve you papers from the Spanish Courts. I have pm you.
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Yes I think it's a bit of bluff to make me pay. I wasn't aware that I could be taken to court in Spain , or not that it would do any good back in the UK. Am I wrong on that ?


If you look at this topic,18944.0.html you will find that when you translate article Palm Oasis is mentioned on it as being one of the resorts whose contracts are illegal POA will try to tell you they not are covered by this law but they are tell the debt company that you have found that under Spanish law your contract is illegal and you are not paying anything and if POA take you to court in Spain they will lose and have to pay you compensation under this supreme court ruling

Boss Man

As has been said, this is probably a bluff.  If they sue you in Spain you can ask for the case to be transferred here to defend it.  It is probably not worth their while to do this.


well after another couple of voice messages on my mobile and on my home phone from resort recoveries, telling me to "contact them imediately" i have emailed them, telling them that i wont be paying etc etc.
will let you all know what happens next, and when i'm due in court. ha ha


Hi ev3, lots of people to offer good advice on here. You might consider having a word with TCA, contact details on their website.
Lots of good advice about bluffing debt collection on here and don't let go of your original paperwork !
Good luck

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