Successful Anfi Contract Cancellation

Started by AnneJ, January 30, 2014, 10:06:51

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It's not letting me post in the older thread that was helpful, so starting a new one here.

Good news folks! I read this thread and sent a cancellation mail, bracing myself for 2 years of threats and hassle - but they've agreed to close the contract, I'm just sending off the letter now. We lose the initial payment but get to walk away from the ongoing payments, which is all we wanted.

I sent to the usual customer services mail and

Subject: Cancel contract M-14-AAABxxxxxxxO

Without Prejudice

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to cancel my contract with Anfi. I will therefore not be paying the 2014 annual vacation club or maintenance fees as requested in your letter of 1 Jan 2014. Since I am notifying you of this cancellation in advance of your 30 January 2014 payment deadline I do not expect to incur interest or other penalty fees, and have copied the collections department to make them aware.

Your references: Maintenance fees M-14-xxxxxxxO, Anfi Vacation Club S.L fee P-14-AVCWxxxxx, client number xxxxxx.

The reason for the cancellation is that my husband and I stated multiple times during the initial contracting phase that we would rarely be at Anfi and wanted to use the RCI points to travel the world. It was not made clear that this would incur additional booking fees of approx £150 per week, which we only discovered when we used up expiring points last year. Had we known this we would never have signed up, since it does not make financial sense.

Our initial payment was made in full and we have no outstanding charges on our account to year end 2013. If it possible to sell the week back to Anfi (we cannot sell it on since it is every other year) and get part/all of our initial payment back this would be our preferred option. We were told at the time of purchase that this is an option.

This is notification in writing. If something more formal than this e-mail is required, please let me know what else I need to do to ensure that the cancellation is completed.

I look forward to a timely response from your legal department, since it is in all our interests to clarify our positions as quickly as possible.

Anne Jxxxxxx

They replied:

Dear Mrs Jxxxxxx,

Thank you for your e mail. 

Firstly, I am sorry to learn of the problems you have experienced in trying to send your e mail however, now I have received it in the British Collections department I will assist you with your enquiry.

I note in your e mail you wish to sell the week back to Anfi however, Anfi do not buy back bi-annual agreements which I understand had been explained in 2009. 

Should you decide to keep your week, you will be required to pay the maintenance by the 31st January.  Should payment be received later than this date you risk the accrual of late interest.

If you wish to completly terminate your agreement it is neccessary to put in writing that you wish to relinquish your week.  You must state in the letter that by relinquishing your week you will not be seeking monies or other compensation now or in the future from Anfi and that also by relinquishing your week, Anfi will not require payment for anything now or in the future.

The letter must have original signatures from all parties on the agreement and be sent to the Customer Services Department.  You may scan a copy and send this to me prior to postage so that I can advise the department of your wishes in advance.

If there is anything I have not covered or if anything is unclear I apologies in advance and ask that you highlight the issues I havent addressed.

If there is anything else I can be of assistance with please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
Stacey Cxxxxxxxxx

Anfi Group
British Collections department


Survivor Of Anfi scammers, willing to help others


That's good news. I think we will try this as well. We also have a bi-annual, although we loved the place, unfortunately family matters means we can no longer go and deff not afford the maintenance,



Great news and well done. Good to see some of us have a happy ending after the stress Anfi puts you under. I am wondering now though where the original post went on Anfi mis-selling that we had all been communicating on? Was it taken down to prevent any backlash etc?

Im going to try with this too but since i still have finance outstanding on the property my out come may not be the same. I do have some things up my sleeve though that a lawyer in Gran Canaria had given me advice on. Cant afford to have him represent me though to get my money back so would rather walk away with nothing more to pay to these crooks.



If I can help in anyway just ask. Good luck :D
Survivor Of Anfi scammers, willing to help others

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