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Started by clowe, February 11, 2014, 16:54:32

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Due to terminal illness I have to sell my Anfi bi-annual apartment.  Anfi did not want to know or any help. Did tell me €700 to exchange contract to new buyer or €50 to buy guest certificate if we rent our week 17. I was going to advertise on ebay privately but feel its a waste of time. So am thinking about 2 companies, Travel and Leisure and Worldwide hypermarket. Has anyone heard of these ? any good feedback? do they really sell your timeshare or just take your money £149.00.
Any advice would be helpful.  If anyone is interested in renting Puerto Anfi, sleep 4. Let me know.


of both and both seem reliable resale options. I have bought 2 weeks of
WorldWide fairly recently so they do sell weeks. However I have also
sold a week via Timeshare Shop in Manchester. Dealt with Simon and David
and they on charge £70 ish to advertise with them. They were also the
company that put me in touch with DAE which was the best timeshare
decision I have made. Google them and see what they have to offer you as
a 3rd choice and make a choice. All 3 seem perfectly good options.


I agree, all three are reputable companies.

I have bought and sold through World Wide Timeshare. The £149 is negotiable. I will PM you with details.

I have also bought from Simon at the Timeshare Shop and received a professional, friendly service. He works hard to sell his weeks, but do not expect a lot for it if you need a quick sale.

It is possible to sell via e bay, I bought one of my weeks this way.

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