Need help finding a luxurious RCI resort for exchange

Started by majesty318, March 12, 2014, 21:57:38

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Hi! This is my first post here. My parents are RCI owners and have offered to let us use their points for our honeymoon. They currently have over 100K points so it seems like we have a lot of options.

The problem is, I am SUPER PICKY! I like luxury - new things - high class - etc. I have been reading the reviews on TripAdvisor of the places that are available and nothing is really striking me :( So many look old and have not so great reviews.

Is there anywhere in Europe (Spain but not Canary Islands, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Italy) that you know of that is REALLY nice? Basically I don't want to arrive for our honeymoon and be disappointed.

I am looking for September this year when the weather is still nice but the hordes of tourists have left.

Thank you!


The reality is that whatever is available for the dates you require in September is all that will be available to you for exchange.  If you have checked that out and there is nothing that appeals, then  you may need to look outside of timeshare.

You could phone RCI and put in a request for specific resorts but it does not mean that you will get it - it all depends on what is deposited in the system.

You mention Spain - which part of Spain are you looking at?  Which resorts have you been checking out?  There are a lot of fairly standard resorts in Spain, not top luxury.  I have never stayed at them, but the Marriot Group have timeshare resorts which are supposed to be quite luxurious. One person's idea of luxury is not necessarily that of another's so it is difficult to advise.

By the way, September can be busy in places like Spain.  The schools may have started their term so there may not be many children around, but it is still hot and a popular destinations for many people - eg retired people and golfers.

Sue :)
Sue B

Happy Days are here again

The marriott resorts are certainly luxury,unfortunately they are affiliated to Intervalworld and not RCI.


Hi, i have stayed at Anfi Beach Club at Gran Canarie at august 2010. It's quite luxury! It is one of the best RCI Resorts, has gold crown.  If you don't mind check at rci website. I know that you didn't ask Gran Canarie, but this hotel is an excepcion.


We have stayed in some amazing luxury resorts in both Europe and the US.

I would suggest that you look on and put filters on for Europe, Gold Crown resorts and 1 bedroom.  Then sort the results by Reviews descending.  You can get a good feel for the resorts by reading th Member Reviews.

We have stayed in a number of luxury resorts in Europe.  Pestana have some fantastic resorts in Madeira which is also a beautiful island.  Gran Canaria - Anfi or Holiday Club. 


Hi majesty318
If you wish to visit Spain, you should definitely go to Majorca, unless you already been there before. With 100K points (!) you can request beautiful resorts to exchange

I only know about my club's resorts on the island which are Eurotel Group Aucanada Club and Cala Pi but unfortunately they are not available for exchange through RCI.

Try to see if you like the Alanda Club Marbella which is another resort of mine and is available through RCI.
Let me know if you like this one... It is perfect for PICKY travelers ;)

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