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Re: 2054
« Reply #20 on: April 28, 2014, 02:19:57 »
That is one of the major problems we have as highlighted by Mavo. A high percentage of timeshare owners have ended up at a presentation and been sold too.

We need to do the research first so we turn the tables and we now choose and go out to buy to suit our own individual holiday styles and requirements.

This would help shape the Industry for example. If some of us wanted to ensure that we owned at a Timeshare Club or resort that either had a set term to suit us or an agreeable exit strategy we would all focus on those resorts/clubs that had that in place if that was important to us.

If those other resorts/clubs saw a down turn in business as consumers were focusing on specific timeshare resorts/companies that had a exit strategy in place guess what they would quickly adapt!I have mentioned before of some resorts that have this in place in the UK and always have done. We just not do the research to find them.

Some of us tar all resorts and timeshare companies as being the same as those who don't have an exit strategy in place and then they threaten their members who may have proven life style challenges with letters of legal action if they do not continue paying their maintenance.

This has to change and can if we all do a little research and when we hear of a consumer considering timeshare don't rubbish timeshare because it does not work for you. Point them in the right direction of a resort or company that is there for the consumer and this will help a much needed change taking place.

We are Diamond points members and at an update last month with a very rude and pushy rep in Tennerife he told us if we were not happy with our membership of Diamond resorts we could just hand back our certificates and there would be no action taken as Diamond have not and will not take any member to court for non payment of fees.So why anyone is signing up for Fractional ownership and the 15 year exit plan is beyond me it is a total ripoff there is something sinister about it all.

It is important that we all understand that not all timeshare products suit all people. This is the major problem that we encounter and see so often in that there are those who purchase timeshare products without sufficient research.
 Fractionals on the face of it are, to some, an ideal product but to others are not such an attractive option.
 If I were a newcomer into timeshare then I would have a serious look into what fractional ownership has to offer.
 As a season timeshare user for quite a number of years I would not be interested in Fractionals.... The product does not suit my age or personal circumstance. It is very much a question of looking at the products available and purchasing the one that best suits your present and likely future requirements.
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