Cancellation due to false sales pitch and misrepresentation

Started by annie1610, August 18, 2014, 12:46:10

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I have posted before regarding cancelling our Anfi contract due to false sales pitch and misrepresentation by the sales person and essentially Anfi.  Having been hounded by Anfi for a year during which time my husband and I continuously disputed the contract and advising Anfi of misrepresentation by them and their staff we have just received a threatening letter from Anfi saying they will apply for a EPO after two and a half years of not hearing from them at all.  We still maintain that their sales person told us a load of untruths which we only found out after the fact and we confronted Anfi over this on numerous occassions. We've been told previously to sit tight and not contact them is this still the case as I'm a nervous wreck. Any advice would be appreciated and welcomed.

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