Regency Country Club 2015

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Gordon Dickson

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Regency Country Club 2015
« on: January 06, 2015, 10:11:40 »
Well Guys fees due for 2015
a few questions?
Who is satisfied with the Resort as it stands?
where do we think our money is being spent?
when do we think the resorts will be finished?
who thinks they were conned?
who fell for the scams the old reps were selling?- fractions! investment! etc.

I for one am not satisfied and after speaking to owners when at the resort a lot feel the same.
The resort is now a hotel not a private club that I bought into.
No money from our fees has been spent on refurbing the resort, all the difference I can see are flat screen tv in lounge and new mattresses.
no new build in resort and because of building restrictions from Tenerife government (5 star developments only!) I thought this resort was going to be 5*
I feel I was conned duped into investing on the promise of potential return, when resort was completed in their 10 year plan, 14 years down the line and no finished resort in sight.
thoughts guys and girls?