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Started by Boss Man, April 14, 2015, 17:19:10

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Boss Man

What about the consumers who love their timeshare just the way it is ?

Boss Man


There are not many of us who do not love our Timeshare ! There are thousands of us that were told when we purchased that we could resign & leave at any time subject to giving notice and were shown the clause where it said so. In later years subsequent owners of our Timeshare company  said yes but you still remain liable for annual fees until such time as you sell the points that we have said you can  resign from even though you can no longer use them.
So us happy jolly 60+ somethings are now making the most of our Timeshare as we have always done but worried that maybe one day old age. shortage of money etc  will stop us .
So really we liked our Timeshare just the way we thought it was when we bought it!


What meaning does this ruling have for timeshare owners who don't come under Spanish law.


Its an interesting sentence from Bossman and having got my usual comments off my chest I would like to ask him what his views are on the current situation with Timeshare ?

Barrie Howarth

Some people love their resorts, they bought timeshare because the wanted to own a fixed week. I know a resort were timeshare owners pay130 euro per week maintenance. The timeshares are bought and sold by the club and sell for 3,000 per week. They are gutted that their timeshare have been declared unlawful. It does not seem fair to them. ::). I am sure they will work it out as it's very consumer friendly resort.


Sure Bannerman as I said most of us love our Timeshare and no reason for your good folks to feel gutted nothing is going to take it away from them.What we are talking about is a sensible exit policy and Timeshare will boom again !

Still hoping Bossman is going to tell us what he thinks !

Boss Man

Clearly Spain introduced a law and those who sold Timeshare breach that law. We owners were the subject of those breaches. Some owners will want to leave and some want to still own the timeshare they bought (me being one). As a result of the actions of others and outside our control whether i am happy owner or not the timeshare I have, is at risk. :(


True Bossman, timeshare owners need to speak with the resort or get representation that is based on non bias IE. not advising directly of one option such as court.  Find a company who deals with finding a win / win solution for both the timeshare owner and the resort.  Sometimes this may not be possible and it doesn't help that some resorts seem to change the rules and regulations to their own benefit then it's up to the owner to decide with the right advice.


I think you are worrying about nothing they are not going to cancel your Timeshare but even if they did they would have to repay your purchase price and you could re buy  secondhand at next to nothing in todays market.
This is not the issue its the lock in thats caused the problem and the quicker it goes the better.
The industry needs to put its house in order.
This is nothing who knows what it could cost them if governments decided to compensate buyers for miss selling like the Banks have had to do.

Some of us have been warning them for years but if they act quickly and sensibly they can rescue the situation and restore Timeshare to respectability.


Maybe its clearer now why I did not get an answer to my question.


Can we have a vote on this?

Are the members of this forum happy with the change of ownership


Regarding the ruling, I think it is always better to have options than not. The decision does not convert automatically all the contracts null and void. You have to seek for a Court's decision in this sense. Alternatively you may negotiate with your resort to amend the time limit and perhaps obtain some advantages of that negotiation. Resorts should be now more likely to hear to its members and that's good. It may be the end of those Clubs that are not willing to listen to their members. I am sure that there are more happy members than aren't, the future of this holiday system should not be at risk.
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Spot on talk to your organisations. I have already told Diamond Resorts what my position going forward will be by e mail.

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